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Stress Test Results

I had a tread mill stress test and a nuclear stress test.  Briefly, the results were: 1) reached 100% target heart rate, no chest pains, no arrhythmia 2) LVEF is 56% 3) moderate size inferior ischemia 4) ECG is positive for ischemia at a good workload (143 heart rate).
I have formed a preliminary impression from my research on the Internet, but would appreciate feedback on the above 4 items.  I havel scheduled a heart catherterization.
Thank you.
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Thank you for your comments.  Yes, I am diabetic type 2 with fairly good control through nutrition and exercise, but it is a difficult process, as you know.  I typically have a quarterly physical examination, of my own choosing.  
Last week, I asked my doctor that I wanted to ease my regimens and broaden my nutrition a bit more and requesed basal insulin, which I just started.  Also, in that examination, I requested a stress test, and I think that my doctor felt that I may not cope with the tread mill test, so he included the nuclear stress test.  I felt that I handled the tread mill fine, and I felt that the nuclear stress test would be prudent.
I am 76 years old, 5'10", 177 lbs., 120/70, LDL 70, glucose typically in the 140 range.  I am interested in medical technologies, because I am a former VP in a medical care company, and thus my question.  Again, thanks.
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You are in very good condition, and it appears all is well except for the positive ECG.  I'm curious why you had both tests?  It is possible to have a vessel lesion without any symptoms but unusual...are you diabetic? I never had any chest pain or warning regarding my CAD until I had a silent heart attack causing congested heart failure 5 1/2 years ago.
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