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Stress Test with Vasodilator

I am a senior woman with a large family history heart disease. I have had chest pressure and shortness if breath so was scheduled for a stress test with vasodilator,. It showed a medium to large moderate 
intensity partially reversible defect involving all apical segments and 
extending into true apex and the mid anteroseptum. This is larger than on 
the prior study done in 2017. The defect is only partially reversible 
with SDS score of 4. 
Wall motion post stress is severely hypokinetic in the apex, with gated EF of 51%. 
LV chamber size is normal at rest. TID is normal at 0.96. No evidence of 
stress-induced LV chamber dilation. 
I will be taking a beta blocker and a cardiac echo is ordered. If I have increased chest pain, pressure, or shortness of breath I am to be scheduled for a heart Cath. What's going on?!
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That sounds kind of worrisome, doesn't it?  Have you had follow up yet with your doctor to go over these findings? Your SDS score still has you in the mild range for  ischemia but I'm sure you'd like that score to be lower. Partially reversible could put you at a lower score, to even no ischemia.  So, could be worth it!  Your EF of 51% puts you just outside of borderline.  This is probably going to get your doctor's attention.  Can you tell me what they said? The shortness of breath is likely related to this and I'd consider treatment that they recommend.  It sounds like you have ischemia to me based on what you've written which reduces cardiac function.  But your doctor needs to give you that diagnosis.  Do what they say!  My friend had a heart Cath done and lived 20 years after. So, they CAN treat you.  I take an angiotensin 2 and am working on cholesterol.  Please update me, I'll be following.  
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Thank you! Other than the metoporol, I'm kind of on hold until the echo which is scheduled for the 19th!  I do have an order for an update on my cholesterol lab which I need to get out and do. I do take a stating already. Thanks for your input. I will update as soon as I have more info.

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