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Stress myocardial perfusion

My dad underwent myocardial perfusion and got the following results:
The gated images, acquired at rest, reveal hypokinesia of the inferior wall as well as apical and septal akinesia.
Estimated LVEF at rest is 47%.
Stress myocardial perfusion study is suggestive of a moderate sized apical and basal septal infarct, with reversible ischaemia of the inferior wall, which is moderate in severity and extent.

Please explain to me, in laymans terms, what these mean. My dad is 54.
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Hi, I think there are two distinct problems here. They are saying there has been a heart attack which has cause irreversible muscle damage. I think from the location of the tissue death, his Left Anterior Descending artery is blocked, totally. They are saying that the muscle at the back of the heart is lacking Oxygen too, but this is reversible, probably with stenting. I would think this is the Circumflex Artery with a substantial blockage, but not total. Opening this artery should increase his LVEF a bit from 47 %.  Normal is 50-75%.
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