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Stress test help

Heart Scan Mult Stdv Spect

I need a little help with the results of this stress test.

I was advised to reduse my risk factors and to follow up with a stress test within a year.

I am just cannot make any sience out of the test.

Jul 19. 2011 11:16

Patient Name: xxxx
DATE OF EXAM: Jul 19 2011-
Accession #:6297692 Order #:90005 Order Date/Time I O7 / 19 / 2O11/ 08t24
clinical Indicationr Patient with chest pain, hislory of hyperfipidemia,
obesity, smoking, and pertinent family history.
Cornparison: CT cardiac dated .juLy 18, 2011.
Radiopharmaceutical : 11.0 mci of 99 M technetium sestamibi at rest, 33.0
mci of 99 M technetium sestamibi at streas.
Results: There is a subtle decrease in radiotracer uptake in the inferior
wall at s€tress on only a few slices, with no change at rest. The
radiotracer distributon in the rest of
the myocardium is normal. The lung uptake is normal. The left ventricular
cavity size is normal. The wall motion is symmetrical and normal, and the
left ventricle ejection fraction
is estimated at 70%. of note, there was EKG changes in the inferior leads
during the stress part of the exam.
IMPRESSION: No obvious ischemia or MI. Left ventricular ejection fraction
is normal. As mentioned above, there was EKG changes in inferior leads
during the stress part of the exam.
Clinical correlation as indicated.
9 2011 1:08P

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Congratulations for quitting smoking.  Your weight loss is impressive. Tight lines!

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Thanks for your reply

You are right it was a wake up call.
Although my report sais I am a smoker I am not. I quit smoking 12 years ago. My 2 problems are weight and family history. Well I can't do much about the history but I have made up my mind to lose the weight, infact I have lost 16 pound in the last 4 weeks just by eating right and cutting out the alcahol. I do miss my rum after my fishing trips. But at least I'm here to fish.!!!!

Thaks again!
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I'm not a health professional but have read a lot of reports from my own stress tests, and it sounds like you have a strong heart.  An ejection fractions of 70% is something those of us with heart problems would embrace.    However, you were given a big warning. Your family history suggests heart problems will visit you, especially because you smoke and are considered obese.  I'ts not easy to quit, I know, but certainly it's possible.  Losing weight is tough, also.  I quit smoking remembering how my grandfather called them pimp sticks, sort of a sissy thing, and lost fifty pounds by losing a pound a week.  I'd sure think about changing your lifestyle, the family history suggests you are headed for trouble with your heart.  
I would suggest your tests are OK, but you were given a big wedgie.  Keep us informed
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