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Stress test results

I recently had a stress test and went for about 9 minutes.  I realize now that this is not really setting the world on fire.  The reason for the test was I was have a lot of PVCs and really mild chest pain.  I stopped mostly because the nurse said I had been on the tread mill long enough to get the results they needed.  Plus I'm a little out shape and over weight and felt as if I was holding on for dear life.  Other than that no chest pains or PVCs during the test.  By the way I'm 30 and other wise active.  Did I go long enough on the stress test should I take it again and go longer?  Would this plus holter, EKG, and Echo be enough to check me out at my age?

Thanks for the responses I know your not Doctors but would love your input.
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9 minutes on the treadmill is plenty long enough for them to get all the data that they need.  That along w/ your other tests gives them all the info they need.  I wouldn't worry.
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Thanks for the post.  I was just worried since I read that on here of another person going 17 minutes.  I could of gone longer but the nurse indicated I didn't need to.  Since having the PVCs and chest pain I've just been worried that I had some sort of heart disease and that an exercise stress test wasn't enough.
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