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Strong heartbeat alcohol


I have a question about alcohol and an strong (not fast) and an irregular heartbeat .. I have the symptoms of anxiety, I'm scared a get an heartattack or to die .. But when i drink alcohol i feel fine, but the day after i feel very weird, my heartbeat is very strong and irregular .. It beats so hard i can see my whole chest/stomach moving, i get hot flashes and if i work out i'm faster in need of breath .. Is it normal? As someone told me, when people with anxiety drink alcohol, their symptoms are worse the next day .. But i'm not more scared after i had some alcohol.

So can someone help me please?

Sorry for my bad english, I'm not from England.
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I have anxiety disorder and i feel exacty the same way after i drink.  the key is do not over indulge with alcohol.  the reason yo feel so bad with your anxiety is because alcohol messes with the chemicals in your brain as we all know. but since anxiety is a chemical embalance and the next day your defenses are down i say do not drink more than 4 beers or 3 drinks.  
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I get the pounding heart beat after drinking any alcohol. And I don't drink because of that.  A couple times during the summer my husband and I may split a beer on a a hot day, that's about 6 oz each. That's all I can handle.

If you're going to drink, make sure you stay well hydrated. Alcohol does not count as fluid.
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The downside to drinking alcohol is you can end up with a Alcoholic Cardiomyopathy which can kill you.
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Im sure it's not anxiety You just drank too much. i started having these feelings recently and apart from 'moral hangover' this is the worst part of hangover. I just try to stay in bed, but this doesnt seem to help alot as even slightest of movements makes it all go boom boom. Im trying to quit now... my dad had two heart atacks and died recently because of heart problems, but the most interesting fact is that it was only when he had the second attack we learn there had been the first... and then we recalled one of those mornings when he was moaning like crazy, but we thought that was just a regular drunk man's stuff... No this was the time when the first attack took place. QUIT!
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I have heart pulpatations and have had every heart check they can think of, they say that there is nothing wrong with my heart or arteries....which is fantastic. However, recently I went on a bit of a bender (drinking) and ended up in hospital because the next day my palpatations were full on and then my heart started beating that fast where I nearly fainted. I was home alone at the time and I panic a bit. I am now taking Metoprolol and this seems to be working. But I noticed if I miss my tablet I end up having an "attack". My symptoms are; I get light headed and a cold/clammy sensation, then the heart starts to beat so hard that I feel like it is just going to stop! I think a lot of it is 2 things... one, is I panic and two, I have to agree with the others, alcohol doesn't help. I still drink every night but only a couple of glasses of wine with soda water.
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