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"Sucking" feeling coming from the heart

I've had this for awhile now, though lately it seems to be getting worse: from time to time I have a "sucking" feeling coming from the area of my heart. That is, my chest feels almost hollow and that it's trying to suck the contents out of my throat.

There's no pain, no tightness, no squeezing. It gets a little worse and last longer (sometimes much longer--over an hour) after exercise, but can come when I'm at rest also. My heart doesn't seem to beat any faster or slower, it just--feels like it's sucking.

The last time I checked for a murmur (about a year ago) there didn't seem to be one present. As far as I know I don't have a heart condition--though my cholesterol was high the last time I had it checked, a couple of years back, and there is some history of heart disease in my family. I get moderate exercise but also drink 100-200 ounces of caffeine per week.

The closest match I've found to symptoms is PVCs, but that doesn't seem to quite fit either. Does anyone else have this problem or have any idea what it might be?

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If you are having a sensation in your chest that gets worse with exercise, I recommend seeing a doctor for evaluation.  You may need a stress test or some form of risk stratification for coronary artery disease.  Palpitatons or PVCs tend to come and go and only cause symptoms the instant they happen.  If you are having constant pain, this is unlikely from PVCs.

Talk to your doctor and ask them if additional tests are needed.  There is a lot more information that may be helpful.  A discussion with your doctor may help.

Good luck
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