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Sudden chest pain.

Hi all, i need help from real altruist. I am 30 years old male with BMI 25.2. Last month first time I have noticed my left side chest pain then i go to the cardiologist practitioner. He checked up my BP ECG ETT. Found occasional pvc and said there is no connection between pvc and chest pain. Pvc occurs due to stress and he prescribe me to take paracitamol, omidon and a sleeping pill.
The then my pvc reduced almost but sudden left side chest pain and sudden right side chest pain comes frequently. But both sides pain doesn't occur at the same time. For more information now i am not taking any kind of medicine. My question is why this type of pain comes and goes back? Another thing is after taking meal I feel bad like headache dizziness etc and few minutes later headache dizziness goes.
Is there any relationship between hypertension and heart palpitations?
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Hi there. If you have new/ Increased symptoms, go back
to your cardiologist. Better safe than sorry.

What brings the pain on? How long does it last?
Is there any symptoms on exertion?
You ask about hypertension. Is your BP normal?
Do you have palps?

Your chest pain, is it moving around or in same area?
Does it just fade away or what gets rid of it?
Is your general health ok?
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Some time its stay for 30 to 40 seconds and some time for 2-3 minutes. It occur at the same area and my BP little bit high and now I have no palpitations.
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