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Sudden death in MVP

a girl of 24 yrs died suddenly on 7th dec 2009 at about 8.30pm in Sri Lanka
She was diagnosed as having mitral valve prolapse at the age of 8 yrs. She lead a very normal life. Did her studies very well. No significant complains.exept only once shortness of breath lasted only for few minuits.
At the time of her death she was studing in the Colombo university Faculty of law  . She was studing hard for some assinements. Continuously for 3 days.Under stress in a small room .She died while working at her lap top .Post mortum findings  were mixomatous degeneration of both mitral & tricuspid valves. mild enlargement of left atrium. Other valves were normal

Can law oxygen tention of the room a cause for this death?
Can solely the stress cause this death?
Are this type of deaths  peaceful painless death?
What should be the advise for a person with MVP ?
Why all the doctors take this condition lightly and not explaning the patients there real risk usually ?
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1.  Low oxygen would kill anyone, but that would be very unsual.
2.  The stress can cause such an event to happen, especially in the setting of structural heart disease which may also be associated with various channelopathies that could predispose her to SCD.  Fruthermore, if her diet lacked certain nutrients that would also predispose her to SCD.
3.  It's probably one of the best ways to go.
4.  MVP has a small association with sudden cardiac death.  It's not very strong but the signal is definitely stronger than that of the general population.  The problem with this is that there may be other conditions that we are just beginning to learn such as long QT syndrome, ARVD, HCM (unlikely here because of the autopsy findings), Brugada's syndrome or CPVT which may exist in the background and be the actual cause of death.  The current recommendation is for MVP patients to be on beta blockers.
5.  See #4.  Again, this is an association, not a cause and effect relationship because we just don't know enough.  I would say that any of the other conditions that I mentioned are more likely to have caused her SCD.
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This is a very interesting question to ponder? I sympathize for the lost, it is even  greater in the lost of a young life in its prime to never to fullfill their ambitions, but such are unfortunate events in life that we can never comprehend.
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