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Sudden onset of accelerated heart rate & BP (up to 110 bpm)

I was awakened one night last week by a fast heart rate (sinus) and my BP was also raised. It happened again today while sitting in a chair with my dog.  Took HR and it was 67 in sinus rhythm.  Let me stop here and say that I have TERRIBLE anxiety. Got scared and it went up to 87....took bp right after taking my metoprolol and it was 152/75, pulse 85 (normal rhythm). In about 20 minutes it was 122/63 and pulse was 57 (which if usual for me). I had one bout with AFib in May of 2014 so I make sure it is beating in sinus sync. I eat correctly and walk 30 minutes each day. Cholesterol and all lipids low....HDL at 73. I am not overweight. Glucose at 87. I am on a low dose of Levothyroxine (12.5 /day), statin, aspirin, metoprolol and HCTZ. When I had AFib they did and echo and said everything was fine but heart had a little trouble when relaxing ... but this is usual when you are having an ECHO performed during AFib.  I also had a heart cath which showed two arteries (Proximal LAD 40% stenosis and D1 off of LAD at 50%...everything else was clean. Have been to cardiologist every 6 months since AFIb. He says all is fine but has done no further testing. What can cause this HR & BP increase to happen so suddenly? I am really scared.  Oh, and I have no swelling nor any shortness of breath.
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I also forgot to mention that I am 63 years old and female.  My EF from cath was 60-65%.
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