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Suggestions for a heart disease treatment!

My uncle was feeling pain in his heart area and he was taken to the hospital for a check up and advice! The Doctor checked him and said he would advice the patient to get a heart bypass surgery! I will be stating the Doctors report below and i just want to get some more advises and suggestions on either he should go for the heart bypass or anything else available there for him to get better more safely!


LMS-  30% Distal Tapering.
LAD-  Diffusely diseased from proximal to distal course with critical focal lesion in mid course and distal course.
LCx-  Non DOminant. Critically diseased after the origin of OM-1, which itself has critical lesion in proximal course.
RCA- Dominant. 90% stenosis in mid course. It is totally occluded distally, cross fills from left system.
LV Angio-  Good LV function.
Advice- CABG Surgery.

Please reply ASAP as he already short on time. PLEASE!
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Hi there. Im not a doctor but will offer general advice. We have very limited info here to try and help with whats wrong. His doctors are best equipped to advise, as they have all his medical history. For example, does he have any underlying issues? Like High Blood Pressure? or Diabetes? Or any other conditions of the Kidneys? Is he on any medication at the moment?
Does he smoke and how is his general health. These are all important to know. Looking at the test results, he seems to have good LV function which is a positive. There appears to be quite a number of blockages that need to be sorted promptly. Overall looking at your info above as Ger says, its most likely the By Pass will be the route chosen by his doctors, but you will have to rely on their expertise. Best of luck to you and your uncle
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The important thing is to identify the surgeon and ask him how many procedures he has done in the last year and month. Find out how many the hospital has done. These are uncomfortable questions, but should be asked. The best outcomes are from doctors who perform many procedures in a hospital that has performed many procedures..
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The doctor report describes multi-vessel disease with very serious blockages.
Blood supply can be resored either with CABG or with placement of stents.
As there are so many blockages (if at all possible it would require many stents to open them all up), CABG seems the wisest option to me.
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