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Superfical clot on top of foot - 3 months old - Thigh/Calf occasionally stiff

I've had a blood clot on the top of my foot for the last 3 months.  I have unsuccessfully treated it with 325mg of aspirin, ibuprofen/naproxen, heat, elevation, and wrapping it.  Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing?  If so, did it resolve itself?  How concerned should I be about the occasional thigh/calf tightness?  Should I be very concerned that that clot remains after so long?  I have come very close to cutting the length of the vein (approximately 1/4").  Would there be any benefits in doing that?

No, I don't have health insurance and yes, I do have negative money, so unless something serious happens on its own accord (a pulmonary embolism, or severe swelling of the leg suggesting deep vein thrombosis), please don't suggest anything outside of a nominal cost.  

I assume the clot is the result of sitting on my foot for hours while working outside.  

Thank you for your time in reading and replying.
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if it is indeed a clot, by the time it turns into an emergency, you could be dead. Blood clots are serious. Pulminary embolism is serious. Heart attack and stroke are serious. If you think its a clot, reguardless of the location i STRONGLY suggest you see a doctor immediatly..Do not try and treat yourself by cutting the vein, thats exceedingly dangerous.. Dont put a price on your health and your life.
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No, I haven't had an ultrasound, this is all self diagnosing and subsequent treatment based on what I see and read.  Based on that (I can see the vein is enlarged and I can feel a hard lump) I assume it's a superficial clot- superficial thrombophlebitis.

It does seem to shrink VERY slightly when I apply heat, but shortly after I take the heat away the vein returns to being hard.  I can feel a pulse through the vein, and obviously when applying heat the pulse quickens.  I've spent the last 2 weeks applying heat every few hours, taking aspirin and an nsaid, and wrapping the vein with no luck.  It's been there for three months now.

What I'm concerned about is the intermittent calf/hamstring stiffness.  How likely is that the result of the likely superficial thrombus, or is it more likely I have a deeper clot.

Also, what harm versus what good can come out of just cutting that vein?  I doubt the clot will go anywhere, but even if it does, and it doesn't bleed out of the foot, what's the chance it meets up with a deep vein?

I'd love to visit a doctor, but that isn't going to happen unless that whole near death thing comes into play.  That sounds horrid, but it's just a fact of my life right now.  

Thanks again for your time.
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I'm wondering how you know it is a blood clot?  Have you had an ultrasound of the vein?  Could it be a deep bruise or a hematoma instead?  A hematoma can take a long time to go away but in that location I don't think it would be dangerous.  Some local heat may help a little for the blood to be absorbed.
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cutting the vein, you risk many diseases and infections. I dont see what good would come from it at all.. Have you ever noticed any decreased circulation to your foot?? (coldness, numbing sensation, color change??)  Pain in the calf is usually the first sign of a serious blood clot, (many blood clots form in this area) but that doesnt nessecarily mean it is a clot or it isnt, theres no way to know without further testing. I know it may not seem financially smart right now to see a doctor, but just having a blood clot period is potentially life threatning, let alone once it causes one of the problems i stated above.. At that point you may not ever be able to fully recover.
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Ah!  Please see a doctor about this.  Self-diagnosis is a dangerous venture, and self-treatment based on self-diagnosis is even more dangerous.  It sounds like whatever it is needs to be evaluated, and soon.  Please don't cut yourself!  That could become an emergency situation very, very quickly.  Cutting a vein can and probably will lead to a severe bleed.  There are specific medications to treat clotting problems and these are not available over the counter or without medical supervision.
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Check yourself into the nearest emergency room, and tell them you have a clot which may be life threatening.  Tell them you have no insurance (if that's the case).  Life threatening circumstances trump lack of insurance.

The fact that it gets smaller and then gets larger speaks to a large pocket in your vein that is collecting blood.  It's dangerous.  Get to the emergency room now.

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