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Superficial Thrombosis - Do I wait for it to go away?

Posted By Renee on December 05, 1998 at 22:48:19:

I developed a superficial thrombosis on my upper leg about a month ago.  
I am only 22 years old and my doctor said it was due to over-doing a weight
lifting exercise program.  I took relafin for a week and now a month later,
it is still there.  My doctor didn't give me any info on how long I will
have this for and any advice on what to do for it.  I had just assumed that
it'd be gone after my one week of medicine.  I've been reading about how
blood clots can travel and be dangerous.  Should I be worried, how long am
I going to have this for, and is there anything I should be doing for it?  
Also, I was told I should do absolutely no exercise on my leg, not even
cardio exercise.  Is this true?  Can exercise really cause a blood clot?  
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