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Sustaining another surgery
Posted By Carmen on October 25, 1998 at 10:02:50:

My father had a catherization test two days ago and was told he would need a triple bypass surgery a week from now.
He already had a triple bypass 12 years ago in 1986 after having a heart attack. A year and a half ago he had an angioplasty done
on antoher artery. Lately he was experiencing not chest pain but a slight pain in the neck, which took him back to the hospital for
the catherization. He will be 64 two days before his scheduled surgery. He has high blood pressure and diabetes which he keeps under control with pills.
We are told the cause of his coronary artery disease is attributed to the diabetes. He checks his own sugar every day. Sometimes he has trouble keeping the sugar under control.
He is not a smoker or drinker and he never was. He's physically fit and was never overweight. As a matter of fact he kept a vigorous exercise routine going until he had the angioplasty done last year.
His doctors seem confident but say this surgery will be a little more complicated because of scarred tissue and depending how narrow the arteries are.
They will be bypassing two arteries that they did before and another one.
My question is how do you think, provided with this information, that he will get through and recuperate through another major surgery? I realize that a triple bypass is a big surgery but isn't good news that he's able to have
another one at all? I just don't know of anyone who's had two triple bypasses. Isn't this in some way preventative? (he did not have a heart attack this time-but they say if he doesn't have the surgery that's where he's heading.
Thank you for your time.
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