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Symptoms, causes and how to lower blood pressure

Hi. I recently went to the doctor and when they took my blood pressure was surprised to see how high it was. It was 135/96. It's never been that high and I've never had a problem with my blood pressure. They waited a little while and took it again. Usually it will go down when they do this but it only went down 2 points. My normal readings in the past was usually around 126-130 over 76 or so. I really don't know why it's so high right now.
My doctor wants me to monitor it at home for the next two weeks.

It's been ranging from 135/88 to when I took it today it was 136/96. I don't want to have to take medication and I'm trying to eat healthy. I usually do anyway. Is there anything else I can do to help? Also, how dangerous are these readings? Are there symptoms I should notice?

I don't sleep well at all so I'm not sure if that can affect my blood pressure. I have noticed I have a constant headache anymore, from the time I wake up. It's usually in my eyes and all over headache so I thought it might be sinus headaches but they just won't go away and I feel so tired and "out of it" lately. I have no energy. I'm not sure if this is related to the blood pressure or not but I sure don't like feeling like this. Any suggestions?
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136/96, The first number, Systolic, is high but I personally wouldn't wory much about it comparing that to many others here (160 to well over 200).  The second number, Diastolic, is high enough to watch.  If you find out why you don't sleep well, it could be related.  Otherwise the only ways to bring it down is exorcise, diet, and/or drugs.

  There are medical reasons for not getting enough sleep and the list is far too large to put here.  If the diastolic doesn't come down when you are relaxed then, and I hate telling people this because it could end up being a wast of money, make an appointment with your PCP to see why.  Otherwise, again, it could be that you need to make changes or take med.s.
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oops, wish we could edit our posts....  I was going to include the fact that a "one" point change in BP in either number isn't any kind of a problem as it seem you are making it to be,  135 vs 136.  would have meant the same by saying "mid 130's.  same with the diastolic, one or two points mean nothing compared to 10 points.  Shoot for 120's over 60's or lower 70's.

who recently had a 138/80 at the Dr.s office.  Believed because I was being switched between a good looking nurse to an old fart nurse just as the ice was being broken between us :-(
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I don't know why I don't sleep well either. I did a sleep study and I don't have apnea. They said I wasn't going into REM sleep much or staying there. I'm sleeping very lightly. Everything wakes me up. I've kind of always been that way but it's just gotten worse over the last year or so.

I'm having horrible headaches all the time now too. Could this be related?
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I just took my blood pressure again this evening and it was 148/91. Does blood pressure read higher later during the day? Is it best to take in the morning?
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Blood pressure can fluctuate a lot during a 24-hour period. A couple things that might be making your pressure run higher than it's been in the past:
1.) Weight gain (sometimes gaining 10-15 pounds can raise blood pressure)
2.) Excess caffeine in tea, coffee, energy drinks, cola sodas, Mountain Dew, etc. Some folks are more susceptible to the caffeine as far as their blood pressure than others.
3.) Stress--It can be a biggie.
4.) Lots of fried foods, foods high in saturated fat and trans fats (like donuts, bakery, pies, etc.)
5.) Hormones--Many women in perimenopause start developing high blood pressure.
6.) Heredity--If your biological parent(s) had high blood pressure, you're more likely to develop it.
7.) If you also have a tendency toward having high blood sugar or are "prediabetic," that often goes hand-in-hand with blood pressure problems.
8.) Some over-the-counter herbs and other medications can raise blood pressure. Are you taking anything new?

Try eating more fruits and vegetables--They have natural potassium which is good for blood pressure. Also, low fat or fat-free/skimmed milk or fat-reduced yogurt can be helpful as well; the natural calcium is good for BP. Be sure to get a yogurt that has Vitamin D added.

Not being able to sleep isn't good in so many ways for the body and the spirit. Have you tried Delta Brain Wave Sleep CDs? They've helped me a lot over the last few years. (BTW---They calm our dogs down when they're riled up, too.)
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I just took it this morning before I ate or drank anything thinking that it should be lowest in the morning and it read 141/94. This still is too high! I don't get this. I've never had high blood pressure before.
I do eat pretty healthy, for the most part, almost never fried stuff. I eat whole grains over white bread, salads, etc. I did gain about 10 pounds this last year because I wasn't exercising as much (I used to walk every day) because of an infection in my foot that I just can't seem to totally clear up.
I had my blood sugar and thyroid tested last month and that was all fine so I don't think I'm prediabetic. I don't drink a lot of caffeine, usually just 2 cups of coffee or tea in the morning.
What worries me is my mother has heart disease and several stints in her heart and my brother had a heart attack when he was my age. I don't want to be paranoid but I know my genetics aren't the greatest either.

I will try to find that CD, Yvette, thanks! I woke up this morning with a raging headache again, 4th day in a row of nonstop headaches.  I don't know if this is from the blood pressure or something else but it's draining and I hate it. :(
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