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Underwent 5-bypass heart surgery 14 years ago.  Now, after all these years, a low heart rate reading (49) and "pauses" detected by a Holter monitor two days ago prompted my cardiologist to take me off metroprolol succ er (50 mg. tablet once a day) cold turkey, pending further evaluation.  What withdrawal symptoms, if any, might I experience in the coming days?
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If you've already been off of it for two days, and you haven't experienced any withdrawal symptoms, you're probably not going to have any.  When I came off of metoprolol, I had a lot of PVCs for a day or two; otherwise, I experienced nothing but my heart rate coming up a little.  I was glad to get off of it.
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Oh, I experienced a rocky time of it after posting my question yesterday.  Felt like a crippled butterfly was loose in my chest at times, complete with hot flashes and a mind predicting imminent doom.  Heart rate seems to have settled down now in the mid-60s to mid-70s range and the anxiety is gone.  Your comment gives me hope that the worst is over, and I thank you for taking the time to help.  
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I think you probably are over the worst of it.  Good luck.  I hated that medication.  If you ever have to go back on it, maybe you can at least do a lower dose.  

If you have any pills left over, and if you are still having palpitations, you might consider tapering.  I went from a whole pill once a day to a half a pill a day for the next few days, to a quarter pill, to an eighth of a pill, to a crumb.  After each dosage reduction, I experienced palpitations for a day or two, and then things would settle down.  When I got down to a crumb of metoprolol a day, I don't think I had any withdrawal symptoms when I stopped that.  I know you don't get the time-release benefit of the medication when you cut the pill, especially when you are taking 1/4 of a pill or less, but I just worked with what I had, and it worked out okay.  
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But if you're doing okay now, I wouldn't start the medication up again, especially since you had bradycardia on it.  It's very encouraging that your heart rate has come back up to normal.
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