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TEE reveals an eccentric jet 3+ pulmonic valve ?? HELP

Hello. I hope someone can help me understand what this means.
"Pulmonic valve: appears to open and close adequately with trace pulmonary insufficiency. there is a significant 3+ jet that appears to come superior to the valve above the most superior leaflet. this jet is significant, and does travel appx. the entire length of the right ventricular outflow tract back into the right ventricular. this could represent a patent ductus arteriosus vs. a perivalvular lead if the pulmonic valve had been the valve that had been replaced. At this point the valve appears to be generous consistent with a high flow state". Right atrium and left atrium are enlarged at 4.8.
by echocardium, she has moderate severe pulmonic insufficiency with an unusual jet in the most lateral portion of the pulmonic valve...
I had open heart to repair the pulmonic valve in 1966 when I was 11 years old. i swim and walk, and seem to be getting worse in the amount of time it takes me to RECOVER from my workouts, which means not tired or short of breath.
Recent MRI, CT and angiogram do not show any of this "jet" that the TEE speaks of.  I am very concerned.  Can someone help me understand what this means?  My mother insists the surgeon told her I have a hole in my heart that cannot be fixed. I should be fine, as long as there is no serious infections. Is the "jet", considered a hole releasing blood somewhere in my heart?
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With a lot of reserve I would say that the jet is a term that is used in TEE and TTE only. It indicates the flow (jet) of blood into a ventricle or atrium. It can be seen only with ultrasound doppler measurements. When they speak of a jet they often indicate the place of origin of the jet, the strength (or how far it reaches) and the direction.

Hope that helps you a little.
Have a merry Christmas

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i'm not sure if you can answer this but, is it possible for two of the same tests to have different findings by different doctors?
just had a tee done on tuesday, and they didn't see what the one in 2003 saw?? i am so frustrated that they cannot find my problem, and my symptoms are getting worse every day.  
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I guess, even if taken shortly after another, there are often slight differences between doppler reports. It depends a little on the experience of the examiner.
I am talking slight differences though.
In your case there is more than 10 years between the tests. A lot can change in that decade.
With a TEE, they should get a very good view of your heart. With your medical history, they for sure will have looked at those places that were an issue in 1966.

Increased recovery time from exercising can have many causes. Perhaps you should discuss with your GP what else might be a reason for it.
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thank you for the reply. wouldn't the changes be for the worse, vs. getting better? I have a meeting with the cardiologist who did the tee soon, so hopefully he can explain why... also, what makes me very uncomfortable is that his written dx was so vague.  here is an example, which is a far cry from the first TEE.

Pulmonic Valve
Mildly thickened pulmonic valve leaflets with mild-moderate pulmonic
regurgitation. No pulmonic stenosis.

Left Atrium
Mildly dilated LA.

Left Ventricle
Normal left ventricular size. Normal left ventricular systolic function
with visually estimated ejection fraction of 60-65 %.

Right Atrium
RA size - normal.

Right Ventricle
Normal right ventricle structure and function.

Pericardial Effusion
Pericardial effusion - none.

Dilated main pulmonary artery.

The ascending and descending aorta is normal in caliber and contour.


Left Atrium

LA Dimension: 4.4 cm

Left Ventricle

EF Estimated: 65 %

Pulmonary Artery

Main PA: 3.5 cm"

On the first TEE the left and right atrium were at 4.8cm. Now its normal??
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