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Tachy and Vagus Nerve?

I was reading another post which I felt that i could relate to.

wraith wrote about having an infection (sinus infection) then afterwards tachy and pvcs etc... started.

When my tachy started I had some wierd viral infection which affected my sinuses/ears quite bad.  The tachy began 3 days into the viral infection, I had not thought about that before but it seemed to make sense reading his/her post.

It was posting in response to a posting about GI probs and sinus tachy.  

The original post-er asked if damage to the vagal nerve could cause tachy.  And the response was "yes, it CAN cause increased heart rate." The vagus nerve as i remember has something to do with one being involved with the laryngeal, esophagal area and the other involved in the heart rate?  I may be wrong.  

Among many of the wierd and wonderful things that have been happening to me recently, I have had problems with burping which is really embarrassing.  But after food or drink I burp lots of times.  I get dreadful wind pain in my stomach and sometimes get reflux.

My sinus tachy would get bad when I got up from sitting or if I ate food, I would get PVC/PACs while eating.  Could that be nerve related?

I have other nerve probs at the mo which are scary, GP won't give me an MRI but my pupils are now dilated even when it is light and I get lots of spots and lights in front of my eyes.  I have nerve pains (like pin ***** sensations), I feel the cold lots, and I can feel the blood rushing round me if I press on an area.  Like, if I stand for more than 2 mins I can feel the blood rushing in my feet, so I move and the rushing sensation stops.  When I lay down on my side I feel it in my hip.  On my back I feel it in my chest, but movement stops the sensation.  My neck also twitches.  

It's scaring the **** (excuse the language) out of me now and my doctor's practce (I've seen more than one GP) still say I have psychological problems and that they are causing it.

Of course I'm anxious - I don't know what's happening to me!

So my questions are:-

Could nerve/neurological probs cause tachy if the vagus nerve is involved?


Would neurological probs show up in blood tests, especially lymphocytes or electrolytes or something?

Have I damaged myself with all the panic attacks?  
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NO, I do NOT think PA's have seriously damaged you.  And you know what, I have problems with my eyes too.  I see blue lights here and there and sometimes I see erased spots.  They are called painless or occular migraine.  I bet when your  GP says its psychological he means anxiety related.  I have a suggestion.  Go out and buy "Hope and Help for your Nerves" by Claire Weeks.  I bet it helps a lot!

Hang in there and check out http://www.algy.com/anxiety/
I think you'll find a lot of helpful folks and support!

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