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Tachycardia along with chest pain

im 29 year old female, had performed 2DECHO recently due to chest pain and irregularity of T wave and sinus arrhythmia on my ECG. My heart rates are from 43-173. when i have chest pain rates are over 100-173 . I have no thyroid, no B12 defecinecy etc. Now that im waiting for holter test. There was a trace of Pulmonary and tricuspid regurgitation on my 2D echo report. Is there anything to be worried?All blood reports came normal.My symptoms are
Chest pain radiating to left arms and back
Chest pressure/discomfort
Extream tiredness even while at rest
Extremities turns blue occasionally
Mild fever occasionally
High bp especially diastolic like117/99,132/104
159 cm height/ 54kg weight
Please help
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The DDX is really long...

Your age first two thoughts are pah or pe but there are so many causes!
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Thank you for your prompt response. I do have vericose veins on both legs, which I never bothered to tell Doctor. Do vericose veins  cause PE? I think I should  tell  my Doctor about this on my next visit.
Have you had a...
Chest cta?
Ddimer ( blood test)?

If not I'd recommend contacting your doctor and getting them asap.
Thank you for your reply. No i didn't have any of those tests done. I will have it done at the earliest.
Good luck!! Keep me posted ;)
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