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Tachycardia caused by drugs for hypertension

I perceive that if you are taking an ace inhibitor & then add a diuretic you would  have to reduce the  ace inhibitor  dose to offset the diuretic as the heart would have to beat faster due to the dilation and less fluid.  Would this combination cause tachycardia and how should the dose be regulated?
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I have tachycardia and have a lot of questions also.  I am taking Cozaar for diabetic kidney problem.  Is Cozaar a calcium blocker or and ACE inhibitor.  I don't know one from the other.  I only know what a beta blocker is.  Which I was taking for years and years but now have stopped in order to see if I can wake up.  Having terrible problems with falling asleep and being drowsy all the time.
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> Is Cozaar a calcium blocker or and ACE inhibitor.

Hi. Cozaar is an ARB, (Angiotensin Receptor Blocker)

That drug might do much better for your kidneys than the old beta blocker.

wikipedia is generally a good place to start reading up on something. It is not what we'd call an "authoritative source" but it's reviewed by doctors and is a good place to begin.
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Cozaar or losartan is ARB, that's right, it is more preferred than ACE inhibitors since it does not cause side effect particularly cough. I am taking cozaar too ;D another is maybe you become tachycardic because as we urinate (which is because sodium excretion is promoted by cozaar),  blood volume decreases, as a result , increase in HR occur to compensate in low blood volume by trying to pump more blood. that's the reason i think behind the tachycardia thing.
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