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Taking Lipitor medication

I have been precribed Lipitor to take for lowering choloresteral and after reading all the side effects it scares me very much.  I have a low fat diet and also enjoying drinking my red wine and hate the idea this medicine can effect my liver.  Is there any other way apart from strong medicine like this I can take.  My levels are not that high my Doc said if I start taking it now it will help reduce my chances of heart disease in 20-30 years.
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It would help if we knew your actual numbers. Let us know and we'll try to help you as much depends on your current levels.

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20-30 years? I think he means it will start to reduce your risk in a few days. You don't have to be 70-80 years old to get heart problems. I had three bouts of MI at the age of 47.
Everytime my prescription is renewed, I read the leaflet with possible side effects which is a mistake because there are so many. However, when they run trials, you will be surprised how many people state new symptoms even when taking the placebo. If the leaflet stated "no side effects", I'm sure not many would get side effects.
There are some statins which seem to have more side effects listed than others, so if you feel one is giving you problems, you can be changed to a different brand.
Keeping cholesterol down to a minimum without medication is VERY hard and personally I think it wrecks your life. One of the enjoyments of life is eating, and to be restricted to rabbit food is taking away a lot of quality as far as I'm concerned. There is also the problem where in some people the Liver just loves producing cholesterol, whether you consume any saturated fats or not. The Liver can make fats from other substances you eat, it really is a highly developed chemist.
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Thank you for your answers and I understand all the comments on side effects and changing diet etc which I already have done.  My levels last year was 224 and my doctor said moderate with diet and I have brought them down to 205 this year which is minimum.

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My cholesterol was 180 and I was given medication to reduce further.  The next dr visit the chol is114, other lipid levels trig, HDL and LDL are all favorable as well.  I am beginning to wonder if the risk is greater than the believed benefits from the medication, and if I can improve with a better heart healthy diet...it has never been tried nor did the doctor suggest?!

I had always thought under 200 was properly effective, but there has been a push for further reduction below 200 as more favorable....I don't know if that originates from the drug companies or the medical community, but I am beginning to look skeptically at the matter...risk v. benefit.
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I too have been more skeptical lately. When you take it every single cell in the body requries cholesterol to repair or copy itself, that must be quite an amount. There is also the brain which requires fat to ensure new connections (millions of new ones every day) are kept intact. It's no wonder people get memory problems when their cholesterol is too low and to me this shows there is a minimum that the body can reach before side effects show.
Cardiac rehab in the UK used to educate patients to get LDL to 114 or lower. Now it has been raised to 155 being sufficient.
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i take liptor and have had not one problem. its a great med for me.
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