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In August started waking up with periodic stabbing chest pains.  September 19th I went to the ER, was hospitalized overnight did an EKG & stress test, all came back fine.  Started getting SOB and the heart pain was lessening, but once again on October 19th ended up in the hospital.  They did an EKG, x ray and sent me home.  December 1st started getting really bad chest pains, went to ER did EKG, told me to see Psychologist (heart never hears when I am at the Doctors).

I am sitting here at work right now, horrible chest pains (which I have been waking up with for over 2 weeks now).  Feel like I am out of my body.  Feel like the walls are caving in, feel dizzy.  Do I head off to the ER again?

I am femals, 48 years old, 5'4".  Weight 161 - have gained 33 lbs since February. Am not stressed out (except for the fact that I have not felt good since August).  I did have acid reflux years ago so did think that this problem was because of that and have taken Prilos OTC since August.  My blood pressure was 140/90 the last time I was at the Doctors and I know that my bad cholosterol (sp) is 240.  I also have been working out at a gym for the past 4 months.  

Lastly,  I did just find out that I am carrying the gene for the disorder Anklylosing Spondylitis.  My Father has an extreme case of it.  I don't know yet if I have the disease, just know that I am a carrier.  Could this have anything to do with the Unstable Angina?

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AS may afect you heart valves and ascending aorta, so you need to have an echocardiogram and/or CT scan of the chest done to rule out both problems. You should see a rheumatologist that can definitively diagnose you or rule out AS in the meantime.
I am not sure this is unstable angina. I have not been involved in your care, but the pain does not sound typical for that. It sounds more like a panic attack, but naturally without actually examining you and reviewing your labs/films/ekgs I can't be sure. At you age a stress test can be performed if you cardiac injury markers are negative, and if negative should be reassuring to you. If positive, then a catheterization is probably in order, provided the above mentioned tests are normal.
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I  am sufferer of Ankylosing spondylitis and it has caused me severe chest pains on occasion where I had to be rushed to the ER, each time I was given the usual blood work and ekg just to be on the safe side , its hell to live with and now my chest pain is usually constant, plus the dreaded PVCs paid me a visit today about the worst bout I had in 6 years, luckily they didn't last long. Hope u feel better soon.
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