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Thallium Stress Test

Posted By Lisa on June 22, 1999 at 12:09:53
I have posted several messages in this forum.  Thank you for the prompt responses that you offer.  This question may seem a little odd.  I am a 38 year old female who for 3 years now has suffered with bouts of pac's and pvc's. I have had and echo did, along with ekg's, bloodwork, and an event monitor that I wore for a month.  I was told my condition was benign.  I take 150 mg.'s of atenelol a day, along with .05 mg. of xanax at night, and as needed for anxiety associated with the palps. Even on this high dose of medication, I still have the pac's and pvc's very frequently (pretty much daily).  My question is: In all my testing, neither a stress test nor a thallium stress test has ever been mentioned to me.  Should I request a stress test to be performed?  And, without trying to sound dumb,  What is a thallium stress test?  Is it accurate for the cardiologist to have diagnosed my condition as benign without performing any kind of stress test?
Thank You in Advance

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