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The Format

Does anyone else absolutely hate this new forum format?  Everything is aligned right and it's unpleasant and uncomfortable to navigate.
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Yes!   I hate it!  It is 'bitty' and harsh on the eye and annoying to have to keep moving everything over to view, the aggravation is not helping my palpitations any!  I don't like change!  Bring back the old version!
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Initially, I thought I would like the new format. I've since had a "change of heart."  Like that - "change of heart?"  LOL  I thought it was only me since I don't visit too many forums.  I'm having kind of a hard time telling whom has posted to whom, which responses line up to which questions, and I'm scrolling my screen left and right to find what I'm looking for.  I suppose it will get easier as time goes on.  I hope so ; )

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Hate the format as well.......back to original format.....
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Most of us are initially resistant to change, and I am one.  But I will get over it.  My only important concern is there is no easy link to the doctor/patient forum from this page.  
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Thing is, the problem some of you are having (those experiencing this "scrolling" phenomenon) is due to your screen settings. The reality is that the majority of internet users no longer have their screens set to 800x600, and instead have a resolution of at least 1024x768.

MedHelp's webmasters likely realized this and made changes to the site accordingly. It is unfortunate for those of you with the lower settings, but unfortunately as the saying goes, "time marches on". You know, 'progress' and all that jazz.

Personally, as I stated before, I like the new layout. It's brighter, cleaner and I find it much easier to read than the previous one. However, my resolution is set to 1024x768, not 800x600.

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This is a change, but I am really grateful for any format that allows us to communicate with each other. Regards,....marc
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I'm finding it a bit confusing - now there's a suprise :)

I felt more comfortable with the old style, but I guess we'll have to get used to it.  Everything seems to be all over the place (sitting here scratching head in total bewilderment)   :)
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We appreciate your comments and your patience as we work through the switch from the old to the new!

To Anacyde: What browser and version are you using.  We don't see what you are seeing and it would be helpful for us to know.  

To Cuaco:  If by "bitty" you mean that the text is too small, change your text size to medium in your browser.

To Momto3:  It sounds like you do not see the two different colors separating each comment.  Which browser and version are you using?

To Buaidh No Bas:  You may be right when you say that the problem lies in the resolution levels.  We're still working on a solution for this!

Thanks again everyone.  We really appreciate your patience as we continue to move from the "old" to the "new".

Cindy Thompson
Med Help

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It appears to be a work in progress that's gotten a bit better today.
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i like it :) To the person who said it was confusing to find the doctor to patient link?? When you first get on to medhelp, there are blue tabs at the top of the page, click forums, the top group is doctor to patient, the bottom is patient to patient.. hope that helps.
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Hi Cindy,

Thanks for the tips on browsers!  I was using AOL 9.9, but have since tried accessing the site with Mozilla Firefox...MUCH better!  I see two colors now :)

What a differene for those of you who may be using AOL.

Thanks again!
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What the hell, its for free, I adjust.  Nothing ever stayes the same in life.  Sooner or later we are subject to change :)
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Ooops, I meant to type AOL 9.0.  Either way, Firefox is much better for viewing the new format.  I like it now that I've seen how it is supposed to look ; )
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I'm using IE7 and have a large screen.  I use many forums and have no problems with any except this one.  The ads are shoving everything right.

Oh well.  As was noted, time marches on.  Change always happens and typically it's not comfortable.

I like the new colors, I just wish the format was center.
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Tried it under 'internet explorer' (was on 'aol 9.0')- it is much clearer- I can see the colours now which makes it easier to read.  Still annoyingly aligned to the right though, but I can live with that, glad to have the service!
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Hatin' it too!  I got used to the other format and change is hard for me.
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