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Three Abnormal EKG's, Normal Stress/Echo, Bradycardia

I have a very strong positive family history for cardiovascular disease (father had first open heart surgery at age 39 ...same age I am...mother had silent infacts, both grandmothers died from heart attacks) but have always been fine.  I have recently began feeling very fatigued and was unable to complete my work out at the gym last Saturday.  I am obese but have lost close to 90 pounds via lapband surgery nearly two years ago.  My cholesterol is very good, I avoid caffeine, have never had bp problems and try to eat reasonably healthy. My A1C is 5.5 Last Sunday I had no energy whatsoever and became spacey and felt disconnected.  My lapband had gotten tight and I knew I was dehydrated so I went to ER.  My heart rate was between 48-52. I had two EKG's that indicated sinus brady, inferior infarct of undetermined age, and left axis deviation.  A third ekg the next day was sinus rhythm 61, old inferior infact, possible anterior infarct.  My enzymes were fine.  I did experience some chest pain and left arm pain during my stress test but was told there were no ekg changes. I was released. My lvh was 1.2 cm.  I am no longer dehydrated but still feeling very very tired.  My heart rate is averaging fifties. I have occasional palpitations and left arm pain.  I will be seeing a cardiologist next week.  Is there a need for further testing such as cardiac cath since my echo and stress test seemed okay?
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I am sorry to hear about your recent troubles. You are certainly at risk for having heart disease given your family history and obesity. It sounds like your ECG has some changes on it consistent with you having had a prior heart attack. Unfortunately, the only way to truly determine whether you have coronary artery disease is through a heart catheterization. Your cardiologist will likely discuss the symptoms you have been having and then review your ECG before making the determination on whether you need to have this definitive test.
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Thank you very much.  Unfortunately the care I received during my hospital stay was very disjointed. I am a Master's prepared nurse....but of course....when we are the one who is the patient all of our education seems to fly out the window.  Yesterday I had a period of time where I felt short of breath and just "not right" and my hr was between 100-110.  I appreciate your feedback.  :)
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