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Tingling in shoulder/stomach and upper back pain

Hi Everyone,

Before I relate my question let me share with you my health history. In September I will be 45yrs. old, I dont smoke, I am 5' 5", 135lbs, no high blood pressure (108/70) as of today, I am not diabetic,  I have no history  in my family of heart disease; I am a vegetarian, stay very active (soccer, golf,cycling) almost everyday despite my symptoms. My job is stressful. My total cholesterol was 160: HDL was 51, LDL was 98 and my triglycerides was 55. I only eat when I am hungry which means I only eat 2 times for the day which consists of a lots of friuts and vegetables, lots of fish and somtimes chicken.

Over the past 4-5 months I have been having episodes of  pain in my left shoulder accompanied by what I can only describe as a tightness at the top of my abdomen towards the left side (that soft spot under your sternum). Both pain/discomfort seems to work together, where sometimes the shoulder pain would start first then my stomach will soon follow. These episodes will last from anywhere between 30 minutes to several hours throughout the day. Lately, I have noticed that I am experiencing pain in both sides of my neck, tingling along my jawline, somtimes tingling in my left arm and sometimes pain in my left thigh along with the shoulder pain. Now the shoulder pain can best be described as nagging tingling or severe twitching that starts in shoulder joint then radiates to my left scapula. I have no chest discomfort, shortness of breath, dizziness, cold sweats, or heart palpitations.
So I went to my doctor, expalined my symptoms and he recommended I do a Thallium Stress Test, which I did. However, during the test my target heart rate was calculated at 176 and I achieved an Heart Rate of 166 which was 94% MHR. They stopped the test after 9 minutes and my maximum BP was 200/100 with  a HR of 166 during stage 3 of the test.  When I asked why they stopped the test, the attendant nurse said my heart showed signs of fatigue and that an HR of 166 with a BP of 200/100 during stage 3 of the test was cause for concern. Also, after 1 minute of resting  my HR was 123 and after 2 minutes of recovery my HR was 106 and my BP was 140/80.

After all the pictures of my heart before and after excersise were taken, I went for the results 2 days later. To my surprise, my doctor said all my tests were normal. I looked at the results myself and to the best of my knowledge the cardiologist said everything was "good".
Which now brings me to my question, If my heart is supposedly fine, why am I still having these shoulder pain , pain on both sides of the neck, discomfort in the center of my back between my shoulder blades and an upset stomach that makes me nauseated? Should I still do do more tests, like a CT. scan. I have since done a testing for PAD that was normal; my carotid arteries were normal; no aortic anuerysm.

And I am still doing my daily exercise but now I notice  when I am running my stomach "tightens up" making it uncomfortable to run or exert myself.

I need sound advice, because frankly I dont know what to do.
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