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To all Forum Participants from CCF Dr. RCJ

Dear Everyone,

Would you please provide a one to ten word description of your PVC sensation?  I'm compiling a list, and I think it will be interesting for us all to see.

Some interesting descriptions I've heard in the past include:
"fish flopping in my chest"
"rolling boil in my chest"

Thanks for your help


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Great responses!  Keep them coming, and don't feel pressure to be imaginitive (although some of the responses are quite creative).
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Hi Dr. RCJ!!

What a great idea!! I'm often asked to describe the feelings associated with my pvc's, and to be honest, it has always been somehwat difficult to put the sensation into words.  Aside from the most common feeling linked to pvcs (fluttering), I have likened the sensation to:

quivering (like Jello jigglers...lol)
an out-of-sync metronome

Hope that helps...Can't wait to see the entire list!

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I have been reading this forum for quite some time, I do have PVC's as well as tachycardia, anxiety ect... although I'm not sure which came first!  

I feel "flutters" and also a sensation like when you sometimes get off an elavator, a dropping feeling.  Does that make sense?  Great forum by the way.

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Super forum and my sincere thanks for your tremendous support!

My husband says that his PVC's are like a short, rapid drum roll.  If they go on for more than 30 seconds, he becomes short of breath.

Hope this helps.

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I recently had a very bad period of about 3 weeks wherein I had numerous PVC's.  I met with my cardiologist today to review the holter monitor.  I had over 11,400 PVC'S in a 24 hour period.

The way I describe the PVC's is more of a "jerking" sensation, my entire chest moves and I can feel the movement in my neck as well.  I never feel a flutter.

Thank you.
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I feel something like this:

normal beats then the skip
ba da
ba da
ba da
ba    DA
ba da
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gentle repetitive karate chops on my chest
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or, like someone knocking on the inside of my chest trying to get out
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I, too, feel a 'just stepped off the elevator' dropping sensation when I get 'the peeves,' as we call them at our house.  Also, a feeling like an air bubble trapped in my chest that won't break up, no matter how I strain against it.

Hope this helps - can't tell you how much this site has helped me to know I am not alone.  Many, many thanks to all!!
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I too love the forum!

Like "butterflies" when you are excited or nervous.
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My palps (which only started late last year) felt very much like the tradtional fish flip-flopping in my chest.  I guess It also felt like something did a somersault in my chest.  Before each one I did feel a certain build-up which I can't describe.  It was like my body was anticipating the skipped beat.  I just knew when one was coming.

I have not been having any noticeable palps since I started on the beta-blocker.  I suspect I still have them, though.

I do have a lot of anxiety and other irritating symptoms.  I also have a ton of heartburn and acid indigestion.  STRESS!

I go to the cardiologist on Thursday and hope to be told that I have a "normal" heart.  I might start sleeping well again.
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I would compare the feeling to what I understand a pregnant woman feels when a baby kicks - but I am a male, so I am only operating on what I've been told.

I feel a fluttering, almost as if someone is rapping their fingers on the inside of my chest
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A single PVC feels like:

NSR beat 1 - 1 sec gap - NSR beat 2 - 1 sec gap - NSR beat 3 - HALF sec gap - PVC (shallow quick beat) - 1.5 sec gap - THUNPING NSR beat - 1 sec gap - NSR beat......

I guess PACs can feel very similar, but I also suspect that PACs can present differently from PVCs in that the ectopic itself can feel heavy with no comensatory pause and heavy thump. However, it is possible that PVCs can also present in this manner(?).

A flutter (typically 2-5 secs) is distinctly different: can be regular or irregular and everything inbetween. Cna be slow (NSR HR) or fast. Slow (irregular) ones can be quite hollow/empty feeling and a little uncomfortable feeling. Fast regular ones (short salvos of flutter?) are just that and feel OK. Fast irregular can - when they feel unpleasant - feel empty, quick, and up underneath the neck, and can on occasion make me feel a little dizzy/thick-headed - this sort of 'flutter' usually resolves with a compensatory pause followed by a heavy thump at termination/return to NSR.

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Description of palps.  Right.  I get all sorts of different ones.  Always I get an abnormal, warning, sort of feeling in my chest, then it's like a trap door opens into what is normally my silent body, and I feel either a strong thud, or a big (Ferris) wheel of fluttery beats, or a run of fast shallow beats, and sometimes a run of heavy beats.  I generally feel very light in my chest.  Some of the scarier palpitations seem to come from the very pit of my stomach like an irregular whirlpool.  I always feel lighted headed, weak legged, flushed or pale and generally momentarily stunned.
Amazingly some palpitations don't frighten me, but the vast majority of them scare me stupid.
Going down in the elevator, going over the top on the bit wheel (or ferris wheel as you say in the USA), these are good descriptions.
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With A-Fib it feels like a butterfly or moth inside chest.

With V-Tach it was more of a fast pounding, if I would let my head just hang down it would bob w/pulse. Sometimes with quosh, quosh, quosh sound. Sometimes my tounge would cramp.

       Thanks, Bob
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Beat, pause, then thump.
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I experience regular beats, then a pause followed by an "extra strength" beat.
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okay, here's a weird one for ya....It's like you are riding a ten speen bike and you shift gears and it doesn't catch ...It misses before it finally goes in gear and moves on....

Also sometimes like a sputtering feeling like a sputtering John boat motor that's almost out of gas....Hope that helps! JEN
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Oh!! The elevator feeling and the sinking feeling provide a great idea of the "sensation" that accompanies a pvc!!
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My PVCs feel like someone has put carbonated bubbles into my blood and they are bubbling out my arteries.
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they feel like a skipped beat to me, like a hard thump kind of.
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mine feel like bah...(pause)...BOOM...
normal rythem is bah.bump bah.bump bah.bump.
when im having maybe 3 pvc's a minute my heart doesnt ever feel like its in normal rythem. i know im going to have more pvc's because the way my heart feels, all jittery.
sometimes my heart quivers for a second, i think that might also be a pvc.
im 18 and i get them everyday with only maybe a couple of hours a day that i dont notice them. atleast every 200 beats i have a pvc but usually its 2 a minute, some are alot stronger and more noticeable than others.
also when i get bad pvc's i feel very weak. and when i get a strong one i get a hot flash/rush through my body which is pretty scarey.

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I get a momentary sinking feeling followed by a big thump or 2 or 3.  My heart then feels "irritated" for a while afterwards.
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like breath getting pushed out of you body
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