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Toporol XL

I was recently diagnosed with left atrial volume enlargement. I have low BP (80/50 typically) and have been put on 25 mg daily of toporol XL. I've read that toporol is used for high BP not low and concerned about the risk. Any others with the same expereience?
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Toprol is used for multiple things.  Most people adjust to it well.  I don't think your doctor would have prescribed it if he/she didn't feel it was safe.
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Do you know what is causing your left atrium enlargement?  I have the same.  Mine is caused by mitral valve regurgitation.  I was put on Toprol XL as well and I did not have high blood pressure (although it was not as low as yours).  It does lower my blood pressure slightly but I don't seem to have any issues from it.

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i take 25 mg of toprol xl for pvc's/pacs and i have low blood pressure too. i had trouble with toprol when my dosage was increased. its probably best to stay on a low dosage like 25 mg. for me its been effective without too many bad side effects.
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