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Toprol Side effects after one year

I have been on Toprol XL 50 for one year.  Recently I have had a problem swallowing and loss of appetite,  All tests so far have come back negative, including blood, thyroid, diabetes, endoscopy etc.   I have also had some lightheadeness, dizziness, weak feeling,shaking sometimes, feel like I am on a boat at times. I am doing best to eat more and have not lost anymore weight.  I am just wondering can side effects appear after a year of none.  I am starting to taper off slowly after visiting my Dr.  Most seem to think that side effects appear right away, not a year later.  I have lost 12 pounds recently in less than a month and even though I have stopped the weight loss, am wondering if that could have an effect on the toprol strength.  I have been told it could also be anxiety, but I am not prone to that and have never ever had this before. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Thanks so much
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While beta blockers have alot of side effects, I can't really think of a way to associate yours with your beta blocker.

The weight loss and swalloing dysfuction are very concerning however. Other test you might consider include swallowing stuy to evaluate whether you have a neurologic cause of your symptoms.

The weight loss shouldnt effect your beta blocker response to a large degree.

good luck

Good luck.
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This is just a thought but you dont mention it in your post....Some of your symptoms sound like your BP might be dropping to low at times...If thats so, maybe your Drs. just need to adjust your meds...good luck, Tessa
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Thanks so much for your thoughts,  I never thought of that, but you never know.  Does low blood pressure cause dizziness, weakness and such?  still don't know what the appetite thing is, but working on it.
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Yes, I take toprol also, along with demedex and hyzaar for BP control...That combination works good for me..Years ago I was put on a lg daily dose of lasix for BP control and it lowered my BP to much and I had alot of weakness and dizzyness and it even made my vision blurry.....Good luck....Tessa
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Actually I was not thinking of the appetite as a side effect, but the dizziness, lightheadedness, weakness and shaking.   I might have to different issues.
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I started Toprol XL 100 MG in Feb. of this year.  Since I started this med, I have experienced excessive sweating while in the sun.  Not normal sweating, but dripping, even if I am not doing much.  Does anyone think this is a side effect from Toprol?  I have never been much of a sweater and live in humid FL.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.  When I mentioned this to my doctor, he attributed it to possible anxiety.  But, I am not an anxious person.
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I have never had the sweating as a side effect, but on the contrary have gotten cold.  I have read other posts on other boards that some people get cold for an hour or two after getting toprol.  The sweating could be so many other things.  I have been on half dose toprol for a few days and am slighty better from dizziness and weakness and even have a hair more of an appetite.  can't wait to wean off the whole thing to see for sure if this is what is causing me to feel so off.
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Have you considered your symptoms of lightheadedness, dizziness, weak feeling, and shaking to possibly be caused by low sugar in your system, due to you not eating as much.  Are your symptoms improved if you eat or drink something?  It is just a thought.  If you lack of appetite persists, I would definitely persue the issue with your doctor.  Even if you do not feel like eating (wish I had that problem) you should still try to get something down.  I think it would make you feel better.  Thanks for your input.  Hope you are feeling better...
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Hi, I was tested for diabetes,  came back a 90 which is very normal.  I had some chicken and rice today.  this was a milestone.  I also ate 3/4 of a banana without the water chaser after every bite.   I think Tapering off the Toprol is helping.  I have only been at 1/2 dose for a few days, but today I feel a hair better.  Still dizzy and such, but not as much.  Still thinking maybe the toprol gave me depression and I did not realize it.  Its a shot in the dark, but with so many other tests coming back normal I don't know where else to go.

I never had an appetite problem, always a few pounds overweight.  But this is not the way to lose them so fast.
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I believe depression can be a side effect of toprol.  Anxiety accompanies the depression.  The depression explains the weight loss, and the anxiety covers the other symptoms. I note that you state that you are not prone to anxiety.  I just mention this, because people who have never suffered depression or anxiety, often dont recognize them for who they are.
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Hi,  Thanks for your information.  I think you might be right. Always have problems like everyone else, but never that I know of depression.  Nervous about things and some things make me anxious ( like moms stroke) yes of course.

I have been on the 1/2 doseof Toprol (25mg) for just barely a week.  I actually ate good breakfast today and my appetite has improved. I don't even care at this point if I gain all that weight back if I could just be normal again.  I am still jittery, shaky and lightheaded, but not as much.  Still weak and tired, but no where as weak as I was.  

I still don't know for sure if the Toprol was the culprit, but I will be on 1/2 dose every other day starting tomorrow and hope this will help.  I just don't get how I could have been on it for almost a year with nothing ( unless depression starts slowly and takes a while?) and them wham, big time problems, unless the weight loss made my body responde differently.

A big thank you for all your help, it really does make a difference.
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I took Toprol XL briefly about one year ago and ended up in the hospital. It was to treat occasional palpitations - single palpitations about twice a month. Still don't know why my doctor prescribed it as my blood pressure has always been on the low side, but without symptoms. It was a horrible experience and I've since found a wonderful doctor who is very thorough and dedicated.

The interesting thing is that my benign PVCs and PACs have greatly increased over the past year and finally caught a bunch on a monitor - I have also had periods of low blood pressure, lots of PVCs, fatigue, and upset stomach. I was just diagnosed with dientamoeba fragilis - an intestinal parasite. Anyone heard of this? I wonder if this could have caused me to be so miserable...
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Wow,  How did you get diagnosed with the parasite?  Goes to show that you never know what you have.  My BP was high, until I lost the weight and was still on the toprol.  I feel so much better ( but not quite normal) on the 1/2 dose.  Today I start the every other day and hope when I taper off I hope it will do the trick. If my BP goes up I will have to go on something else, hopefully somehting that won't make me nuts, but  yet it took a year and some weight loss to do it, so yo never know.  

Do  you think it was the toprol or the parasite that made  you go to the hospital and so sick?
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By the way, yesterday I had 3 meals for the first time since August. Not sure if its coincidence with the toprol tapering off of not, but had an appetite and no swallowing problems.  Even swallowed a little with no drink like in the old days!!    Started a few days after tapering off, I hope it lasts.  Now to see about the BP!!
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My husband lowered his high BP and cholesterol with diet - basically low carb, no sugar, lots of fiber and nuts. He lost some weight and also exercises regularly. His BP is now perfect and cholesterol droped from over 200 to 150. May not work for everyone, but it did wonders for him.
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I'm not sure anymore - I believe the Toprol made my blood pressure drop and made me extemely fatigued - I sometimes could not even pick up my head and would shake from feeling very cold. They did a lot of testing in the hospital but didn't find anything other than mild MVP, PVCs and PACs with sinus tach, slightly elevated temperature, and a slight rise in sed rate - no lupus. I hadn't been to the doctor much afterwards because I didn't want to seem like a hypochondriac, so I really suffered over time. I have even been seeing a therapist to help me deal with my illness which has relieved stress and anxiety, but done nothing for my symptoms.

My husband finally made me go to the doctor who set up appointments with GI and a really great cardio. My doc ordered stool cultures because I have been having alternating constipation and loose BM that seemed to be getting worse (and a lot of other symptoms that sound like MVP syndrome). It would take me an hour to get out of bed, and all morning to get feeling okay. I often felt like I was about to pass out (thought it was low BP) and had to keep juice to drink in the night because I couldn't get out of bed without it. Most of the blood and stool cultures came back normal, but the last test showed the parasite. I just started Flagyl - I'm really hoping this is going to make me feel better.
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I am weaning off Toprol. Last week was first week of 1/2 dose (25mg). I felt much better all week and even starting eating, things were really looking up. Yesterday was first day of every other day, I did not take Toprol and was fine during the day. At night I starting getting jittery and nervous. I did not sleep all night. I know It could be many things, like PMS, anxiety from tapering off ( read too much on this) or Toprol Withdrawl symtoms maybe? I took the 1/2 dose this morning, not sure what will happen.
Anyone every had this happen. (I am hoping its just PMS!! )

Just wondering if there are withdrawl symptoms and what they are?


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I am curious to know how you are feeling now.  I had a similar experience with toprol.  Had been on it for a few months to help control PVC's which just started this past summer.  I thought it might be causing some aniety poblems (something I've never had before).  My doc felt that was not the case but was supportive of me discontinuing the toprol just to fing out for sure.  Slowly weaning off the Toprol and feeling better, I was sure it was the cause, but then a few days after I completely stopped the toprol, my anxiety problems were worse than ever (couldn't sleep, shaking, jittery,etc.)  After spending a lot of time talking with my doc, he felt my symptoms were anxiety related and had nothing to do with the toprol.  The anxiety was more than likely brought on by my new found heart condition, pvc's.
(I had extensive tests done and all came out great.  I know the pvc's are harmless but they are still no fun and it can be difficult to get myself to believe I'm OK)  Anyway, I am now back on the Toprol and am now taking Zoloft and seeing a counselor.  This has been very helpful, especially the counseling part.  Anyway, the weird thing is I am experiencing what you mentioned about loss of appetite and also it just feels weird when i try and swallow sometimes.  I have lost about 11 pounds in one month and was already at a normal weight to begin with.  Not sure if it's the med ot the anxiety or what.  Hope to hear from you soon!
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Yes, they checked it a few times and it was always normal.Thanks
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I'm just feeling better following 4 days in the hospital after a bad reaction to Flagyl that I took for treating my parasites. I was feeling pretty weak before the medication, but the paramedics had to carry me out of my house and rush me to the ER! Funny thing - I haven't had palpitations since I was released. For the past 15 months I also always felt my heart beating really hard in my chest, but that's gone too. The associated anxiety and occasional panic are also gone. I almost feel like I could handle a cup of coffee :). I am now taking a potassium supplement (small dose) because my potassium was very low in the hospital - no doubt due to my GI problems from the antibiotic and also had a colonoscopy. The PVCs/PACs had really increased during the past 4 months, but now nothing. It's so weird, I just thought I'd share it with you all because I've relied on your posts for support when my heart has been off-beat.
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hey everyone, I am new here.  I was just going to ask you all if you all are very tired (I mean extremely fatigued) from Toprol XL?  I have recently been put on this (about 2 mos ago) for an aortic aneurysm I have. I have also expeirenced tingling in my hands and feet.....  I noticed that you had mentioned being cold.  I too have problems with that.  I was just wondering if it gets any better?
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I'm so glad that I found this website and all of you chatting here about Toprol.

I just started taking it probably 4 or 5 months ago for high blood pressure.  I felt better at first but now ..............

One of they guys I work with told me yesterday that my hands were shaking.  I got so used to that, that I didn't even realize it anymore.  

Dizzy at times, thirsty all the time and my brain doesn't seem to be working up to par as it usually is.  Do any of you feel like that?

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send2annie:  yes, I have experienced the trembling hands, the dizziness and sometimes Shortness of Beathe.  Nothing has changed yet.  The Fatigue is overwhelming at times.  I have heard that some of these side-effects last up to year.  Not sure how much more I can take!
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I am a 45 year old male and experienced a heart attack last October (2002).  
I've been on 25mg of Toprol ever since and I have not experienced any noticable symptoms.  The only thing I have been concerned about is the long term effects.  I run about 3-4 x/week and up to 5 miles at a time.  I know that Toprol lowers the heart rate so I have some concerns.  I usually take it in the morning, and after I run.  I was hoping that my doctor would take me off, but it looks like I will be on it indefinitely.  I am also on 10mg Altace, and baby aspirin.  Does anybody have any comments about this regimen?
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