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Toprol XL and Benicar side effects

I have been on Toprol XL 100 for essential hypertencion.  (BP was 160/100 and now averages 125/75) for 18 months with good results except for fatigue, some diziness and slow pulse (50)  My Dr, switched me to Benicar 20mg last week and now my heart races at 120+ and my anxiety level is through the roof.  Should I have weaned slowly off the Toprol or stayed on that dosage despite the side effects?  EKG is fine but this feeling in chest and arms scares the daylights out of me.  I am on the Atkins diet at this time because I am still 70lbs overweight.  Thinking seriously about giving that up for more high fiber diet.  Xanax and relaxation seem to help the pressure in chest and arms ease at times.  Please help!!

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I'm not sure why you've had such a dramatic response to the benicar.  While we often say that some people have  arebound when taken off their beta-blockers, your symptoms seem to be at the extreme.  Certainly, with the effects you describe, you should discuss trying a different medication.  For simple essential hypertension, an ace inhibitor or diuretic might be a reasonable next step.

hope this helps.

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Your experience of high heartrate after stopping Toprol XL are not unusual. I tried kicking my 50 mg (25 mg 2x) Metoprolol (long story) and had a 2+ week period of similar high heartrate. You need to come off of it SLOWLY. Work with your cardiologist on how to to this most effectively.
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Thanks for the posts.  Really tired of the Toprol effects.  BP now running consistetly 106/68 to 112/74.  Will talk to Dr about weaning slowly off Toprol.
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My husband is 40 years old and is on Toprol XL 50 MG He is experiencing moodiness and mild depression. He is not like himself  need help
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Pay close attention to your meds.  Post CABG was on hospital standard of 40mg Zocor 50mg Toprol XL & Lasix.  Discontinuing Lasix relieved swelling and pain in ankle where vein was taken for graft...the very swelling and pain the Lasix was supposed to minimize.  Changing Toprol XL from 50mg to 25mg eased depression and provided more energy.

Had to drop Zocor after 3 months because of elevated liver enzymes, muscle and joint pain.  Now 8 months post CABG liver enzymes OK again but slight microalbuminuria so now on 20mg Benicar and training harder after dropping Toprol XL to 12.5mg.
Experienced about a week of elevated resting pulse (80-90bpm) upon initiation of Benicar but now at 60-70bpm after 2 months.
Exercise pulse recovery rate much improved after 2 weeks on 12.5mg Toprol XL but now keenly aware of effects of ingestion. (temporary fatigue, vague muscle pain)  Last blood test also indicates Potassium at high end of normal (Benicar).  Beware elevations of blood sugar on Toprol. ED no fun either.

For Tarheel on Atkins: please have complete lipid panel and serum homocysteine.  I tried Atkins for 2 years and altho I lost 10 lbs., I think Atkins greased me over the top resulting in the blockages requiring bypass surgery.  Atkins can silently have you losing weight and gaining arterial plaque.  EVEN ATKINS SAID GET THE TESTS...GET THE HOMOCYSTEINE TEST TOO, EVEN IF YOUR INSURANCE WILL NOT PAY FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
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After a double bypass in which one did not take, I have taken Toprol-XL 100mgs since 2001. I had never felt any side effects other than periodic bouts of diarrhea. Within the past week, I took my last Toprol pill on a Sunday between 4 to 6 AM. On Monday morning without my daily Toprol dose I walked my daily 3.6 miles in my usual 50 minutes and then at 8 AM went golfing. Around 11 AM my heartbeat became rapid and felt shallow. When I got home my wife had refilled my perscription and I took a Toprol. My heartrate settled back to normal in ten or fifteen minutes. I had never missed a dosage since taking Toprol and 99% of the time took it at the same hour. Is a rapid heartbeat caused by being a few hours late in taking this dosage. I had never experienced rapid heart beat before and am very active at 70 years old, using an axe, and a sledge hammer and chisel splitting wood. My doctor's nurse said that the late taking of the dosage might have caused the rapid heart beat and she told me she would be more concerned with the rapid heartbeat while I was on the timely prescribed dosage. I have not experienced the shallow, rapid heartbeat since and continue my usual active routine.
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