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Toprol XL and arrythmia

My husband has a history of intermittent PVC caught on a nuclear perfusion stress test. His physician has prescribed Toprol XL on a prn basis when he is aware of "skipped beats".  My nursing drug handbook states using Toprol for arrythmia is an unlabed use, and I understand how that works. I'm just curious about the PRN prescription as I haven't been able to find information about that.
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Hi there... just saw your posting... i developed pvc's at the start of 2004 at the age of 49. Essentialy no relief for a year. Echo and all tests were normal. I do exercise a lot. Anyway in jan 2005 i was worried so went to an ep doc here in okla.. He prescribed Toprol XL 25gm to take at night.... actually i didnt see any difference in the occurance of them for a year but did continue them as my blood pressure was 145/95 before the med. after the med it is always in the115/75 to 120/80 range. Then in the spring of this year i noticed that the pvc freqency really started to diminish quite a bit. Now on i would say 95 % of the days i wont have more than say 10 or 15. But every great now and then i do have a day where say for an hour or so they might come at say 2 or 3 a minute and it is usually due to stress as a trigger. I dont know what is going on or whether or not the med is helping but thank goodness i feel soooooo much better. they were ruining my quality of life. as i was having them to the tune of 5 to 6 a minute most of the day. You spoke of labeling??? what does that mean?
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thank you for answering...an unlabed use means that the FDA has not specifically approved the drug for a certain use so that it appears "on the label", but that physicians have discovered that it does seem to help in a specific situation that have not been tested thoroughly through double blind studies, etc. I was just very surprised because the physician has ordered it on a PRN or as needed basis, rather than taking it every day. A lot of medications are effective because a certain blood level of the drug is maintained in your system and I was under the impression that that is how beta blockers are more effective...I'm glad you're doing well, PVC's are a very frightening sensation as you know!
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Hello:   I have had PVCs on and off the last couple of years.   All heart tests were normal, but about two weeks ago they started again and with a vengeance.   Felt like 30-40 per minute.   Doctor also perscribed Metoprolol XL (25 mg. -- Toprol) as needed.   That drug really helped a lot but did make me tired.   After PVCs reduced I cut it down to half a day and today I'm trying to go without it.   Doctor said PRN (as needed).   She is supposed to be one of the best cardiologists in SF so I presume she knows her stuff.  
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