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Toprol XL

As a follow-up to my post yesterday, I am scheduled for tests next week to determine why I am getting palps and dizziness.  The Dr. and his nurse practioner did not want to start me on any beta blockers yet so it would not interfere with the tests.

I had another "episode" at work this morning.  I got up to go to the bathroom and felt really weak and faint and my pulse was racing.  I had to sit down on the bathroom floor.  It passed after several minutes but I got scared so I called the doctor's office.  The nurse practitoner spoke with me and said she wasn't too concerned that it was anything immediately dangerous but was going to prescribe me Toprol XL.  I am to start it tomorrow a.m. and discontinue it prior to the tests next week.  I am also supposed to increase my salt intake and my fluids.

Has anyone taken it before?  
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I forgot to add a few things.  I am going to be taking 25mg of Toprol XL.  I am kind of worried, though because between these "episodes" I get, my HR is in the upper 60's-70's.  I'm worried this will lower it too much.

Also, I have asthma and am worried it will make my asthma worsen.  I am a poster on another website that deals with asthma and the asthma Dr. told me that the new generation BB's (cardioselective) don't aggravate asthma too much.  From what I gathered, Toprol is a cardioselective  BB.

I have also had problems with dizziness for months now and am scared this will make it worse.  If it does make my problems worse, can it be stopped abruptly?  The info I have found so far says you shouldn't but since I am on such a small dose, I wasn't sure if I could or not.
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Take the Toprol. The dosage you mentioned is only half of what my 80 year old mother takes and it may help with the anxiety. Betas are good for that.
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