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Toprol XL

Wow, Just took my first dose about half hr ago. I feel like I'm drunk! Is this normal?  Think I'm going to go get horizontal before I pass out on floor.
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I've been taking it for a couple years, and have had NO noticable effects at all, side or otherwise.  How much did you take?
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It is unfortunately normal for many people until the body adjusts or they adjust the right mg. It is because your blood pressure dropped you feel like that.
I am like Jim. Was OK on any high dose, but I have high blood pressure to begin with.
I am on 100 mg Metoprolol, can’t feel it.
Call them, tell them! And don't worry, they will find the right dose for you, sometimes it takes a while as I was reading others experiences.
I am glad you went to the DR .
Let us know, how all goes !
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oNE 100MG TABLET. i DON'T HAVE HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE AT ALL, GENERALLY RUNS 106/65. mAYBE i SHOULD ONLY TAKE HALF A DOSE AT FIRST. tHAT'S WHY i THINK IT'S STRANGE THEY THINK IT MIGHT BE chf. i DON'T HAVE HBP. iS THAT ODD?Ooops, just looked up! Hope you can read this, don't feel up to re-typing it.
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That soundsd like an awful big dose to me, especially if you don't have a history of high blood pressure.  You might try splitting that 100 mg pill and take half am and half pm.
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When I take this medicine, within 30 minutes I feel not just drunk but like I am high.my arms, chest legs and whole body feel very very heavy. I can feel my heart rate and whole self being brought lower and lower. Yesterday tried to walk and told my caretaker I had to go home before I fainted. My other friend offered me chocolate and the caretaker urged me not to. I know myself and this crappy medicine and how I feel, so when I got home; I found some pop tarts and ate them. Immediately after getting some sugar in me the symptoms went away. I could rest, breathe better and not feel scared.
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