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Went to the cardio today about the many PAC"s I've been having. She is switching me from tenormin to Toprol-XL. I've taken tenormin for 18 years. Is anyone here taking this? and if so what has your experiance been with it?
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Toprol-XL is a beta blocker and an excellent one from my understanding.  It's a longer-acting version of Toprol, which reduces or prevents "breakthrough" PVCs.  Hopefully this will work for you.  Best wishes!
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go to google and it will tell you all about that med . good luck with it .
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thanks. I've been taking tenormin for 18 years and this switch has me nervous. I did check the drug out on google last night and seems ok. But then I found a forum similiar to this one that rates drugs and it only had a 2.6 out of 5. People were writing horrible things about it how it messed them up so bad, etc. The other thing that has me nervous is my schedule on Toprol will be the opposite of the tenormin. I take the tenormin in the morning before I get up. She said to take the Toprol at dinner which means I have to skip the tenormin tomorrow morning and go without a beta blocker till dinner. That scares me. I've always been "skiddish" about starting a new drug. You know know how you'll react, etc.
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yeah i know i had a lot of trouble changing my meds thats why i got myself into so much anxiety, and its taking me a long time to get out which am still working on it . i take a old bb timolol which is tenormin (atenolol) same family drug. but the atenolol was way to stronge for me than she put me on toprol xl i took it 3 days and after i read the side affects and yeah like you found a site where people were begging people not to ever take it i called my dr went in next day and went off of it. my dr told me i could take what ever made me happy ,because i had no heart trouble just pac and that they were not going to kill me so i didnt have to take anything at all if i didnt want to, but i was haveing over 3000 a day and my heart will race if i go without meds so i chose to go back on timolol its always done me good but once a year i get runs of them , so next time i will just take extra timolol. i dont like change and chnaging meds 3 times in 2 weeks almost put me under, plus to stronge for me my bp was 99/51 so i was way to weak . hang in there and try it if you dont like it go back or call dr.i was worried about missing my does to but the drug is in your body and by the next moring you will take the toprol it will be ok, i did notice that my heart would beat and race more with the toprol xl i guess because i was not getting enought of it or it had only been 3 days since i was on it before i changed back to old meds which made me feel so much better. all we can do is try it , and if your heart started to skip.flutter.palp remember your changing meds and it might take it a few days to get in your body and that they will not kill you . made me feel good when my dr looked at me and said which med you want dont matter to me because your heart is fine and am only giving it to you to help with the flutters .no other reason they wont kill you . so i felt so much better. ok sorry so long . keep chin up you will be ok . barbara
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p.s why are you changing anyways
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beats me. The way I took it is the cardiologist feels the tenormin just isnt' cutting it anymore.
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