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Toprol vs. Calan

I'm a 28 year old female. I run several times a week and play competitive soccer 1-2 nights a week. I was diagnosed a year ago with a heart murmur. Testing reviewed weak mitral and tricuspid valves but had very few symptoms. Well over the last 2 months I began having frequent symptoms (almost daily, including racing heart, pounding heart, tightness). I was in the doctors office for a sinus infection and was told my murmur sounded louder and that I should go see my cardiologist. I saw the cardiologist, was referred for a repeat Echo, 48 holter monitor and blood work to check my thyroid.  Blood work came back fine. Echo showed Mitral valve prolapse and regurgitation. Monitor showed some PVCs. The cardiologist put me on Calan SR 120Mg and suggested a repeat echo stress test (had one a year ago, which was fine). Started the Calan, had decreased symptoms for the first couple of days and then began having chest tightness again and decreased tolerance with exercise. Echo stress test was fine. Cardiologist now suggested starting Toprol XL 50mg once a day and that more blood work and an CTA may be a good option.

My question is , will the Toprol affect my exercise tolerance. I run but usually only 2-3 miles but I usually play the whole or almost the whole soccer game. Would the Mitral Valve prolapse be enough to cause some pretty stead chest discomfort?
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