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Tortuosity of aorta

I have had a nagging cough that has not been helped with meds so my Dr ordered a chest X-ray. I picked up my results and am kind of freaked out. The results say that I have tortuosity of the aorta, artherosclerosis of the aorta, heart size borderline.  I have access to an O2sat monitor and my sats are 91-95%. Oh and my lungs are clear.
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As for the aorta, I think the consequences of the tortuosity and atherosclerosis will depend on many things, such as the underlying cause of the tortuosity and how advanced the atherosclerosis is.  You also still have the questions of why you have the nagging cough, why your pulse ox readings are below 95% when your lungs are clear, and whether the borderline heart size is anything that you need to be concerned about.  Bottom line, if you don't already have a cardiologist, I think it's time to see one.  Your situation is complex, with several concerns that may be interacting with each other.  If by chance you smoke, you should make it a priority to stop, because smoking makes everything that you mentioned get worse.  Good luck.
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Thanks, never smoked. Seeing my Dr in 3 weeks.
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That's great about the nonsmoking.  Hope you get some good answers to your questions, when you see the doctor.  Let us know what you find out, if you feel so moved.
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