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Treatment for Aneurysmal intr-atrial septum

Today, my  husband of 40 years old was also diagnosed with Aneurysmal intra-atrial septum.  He is active, watches what he eats...takes fish oil and will now be adding 325mg of aspirin daily to his health regime.  I've read all the information I can find on this - My question is - is there any surgical procedure to fix "the flap" ?  He continues to have flutters, racing heart and indigestion.  He is currently on a heart monitor and tracking this in the diary.  Additionally, he has (genetically) high Cholesterol (215 - 230).  His cardiologist said that this was rare but that stroke - in much later years was a risk.  From what I read - stroke is a risk now. - Correct?   When I hear rare....I also hear - not treatable other than with aspirin?  Please provide me with any additional information or latest technological advances.....I thank you in advance.  

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Hi.  I have an ASA myself and was told to take a low dose aspirin everyday as a preventative for a stroke.  I think due to new technology ASA's are showing up more often.  His cholesterol should be reduced and this would also help also.  

Maybe someone else can answer better than I.  Take care
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Hi, I also was just recently diagnosed with an ASA and as Me967 mentions, I am on a small does of aspirin daily. I have been told to get on with my life as normal, only to avoid high altitudes ( no sky-diving!)  and deep sea diving due to the pressure. It is also important to stay well hydrated especially on flights or long car journeys. I'm sure your husband will be fine and perhaps introducing a healthier lifestyle to cut down the cholestorol will be an overall benefit to his health.
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