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Tricuspid Mitral & Pulmonic Valve Regurgitation Sinus Tachycardia & Bradycardia

I had an echo of the heart and a 24hour holter monitor done

Help ....these are my issues....

Tricuspid & Mitral Valve Mild Regurgitation with  
Sinus Tachycardia and
Sinus Bradycardia
i had 3 extra ventricular ectopic as 3 isolated beats representing <.01% of total beats
Mitral Valve Prolapse

My average heart beat was 73 BPM
max was 146 BPM
low was 50 BPM

My blood pressure is very very low ...like 78 over 60 and can go even lower at times
When i work out on the machines my heart can go to 185 BPM without breaking a sweat and then my heart feels like its going to jump out of my chest with a sharp stabbing pain from the front to backof where my heart is.

The reason i decided to check everything out was:

1- because of my very low blood pressure
2- I feel like fainting at around 2-4pm
3- I loose feel and then painful needle like pains in my legs if i am sitting for too long
4- My elevated BPM & chest pain during work outs at the gym
5- my very week & peeling nails
6- my very dry skin
7- my shortage of breath ( I feel like i am lacking oxygen and always gasping for air
8- Always Severely Dehydrated
9- Can't seem to lose weight despite my work out and diet efforts
10- Having headaches and body aches DAILY

I am 37
168 lbs

I thought i just needed some vitamins, or maybe my body was severely lacking something besides sleep. But them the tests show all this.

Not sure what i should do now. There is obviously an issue and I am not sure if there is a relation. My cardiologist says all is normal no biggy and to see a pulmonary dr to be tested for sleep apnea.... but i am not sure if i agree...'

I am in need of professional guidance and many opinions. Please advise...... Thanks in advance!!! Your feedback if beyond appreciated… and so important to me in helping me to pinpoint a source.

All the best to All
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Hi there,

Thanks so much for your feedback!!! . I do not have Poycystic Ovarian Syndrone nor any irregularities occuring. My blood levels are all normal.

As for Angina, I did have all the tests done EKG, ECHO, Stress Test, Holter monitor, blood, etc. and nothing came up for it.

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Check hypothyroidism bro.
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Hi, the mitral and tricuspid regurgitation could be causing your symptoms of breathlessness. If this cannot be managed medically, you may need surgical correction. Also, besides angina, which is diminished blood supply to the cardiac muscle, sometimes the mitral valve prolapse could cause chest pain. For your weight gain in spite of adequate exercise, it could be due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, where in due to hormonal irregularities the person has symptoms of irregular menstruation, weight gain, insulin resistance (diabetes) and excess androgenic activity causing facial hair. It could also be due to hypothyroidism, it also causes constipation, weight gain and loss of appetite, it could be in the sub clinical form, when it fails to manifest. Discuss these options with your doctor. Regards.
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