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Tricuspid regurgitation

Ok I just went yesterday to have sonogram of heart because i was having a lot of chest pains, dizzy when i start just walking or stand up, very tired, shortness of breath for everything i do, so the doctor found small leakage in my tricuspid valve. I can not take beta blockers because i have low blood pressure just the way i am. so he wants to see me in 1 month yes i smoke and yes i am quitting he sent in script for welbturin. my question is i am going thru alot of thing stress wise witch i can not try to limit it i have 4 kids i am 35 and maybe a little bipolar(never diagnosed) im scared to exercise because of the shortness of breath all the time. i just cant lay in bed and do nothing all day for fact my house would be nuts but i cant get up and down to much then i almost faint (haven't yet) what else can i do??? my family is just not understanding my 17 year old girl makes tg\he heath palpation 100 times worse is there vitamins i can take. I am 5/5 134 and losing it faster and faster.
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Just about EVERYONE has tricuspid regurgitation as soon on an echo... somewhere in the area of 90% so I doubt this is the reason he wants to see you in a month.   They probably want to check other avenues to see what could help.   Yes it could just be anxiety or stress but not thinking your heart has anything to do with it.
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