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Trivial aortic, tricuspid and mitral valve regurgitation

About 2 weeks ago, I was rushed to the hospital because I had difficulty in breathing, and chest pain.

I had 2D echo with doppler and the result says that i have trival mitral valve, trivial aortic, and trivial tricuspid regurgitation.

What do the above mentioned findings mean? It has been two weeks now but I noticed that I get really tired easily, feeling light headed, palpitations with sweating, shortness and difficulty in breathing, and chest pain most especially when I walk up the stairs or had a long walk. I sometimes feel that I am choking.

Is there a possibility of developing these so called trivial findings to a moderate or severe case?

What treatment/intervention should I undergo?

Thank You for your reply in advance.
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Hi Ed34, Thank you for your reply, That is what I have read based from the net. Anyway, I would be grateful if it really is nothing to be worried about.. But I cant help it whenever i have some chest pain and shortness of breath.. I still get tired even though I am not doing anything or at rest.

Anyway, according to the 2d echo result with doppler,,, I have normal pulmonary artery pressure with pulmonic regurgitation. Normal left ventricular dimension with adequate contractility and systolic function, suspicious color flow across interatrial semptum.

And also, Can you help me interpret some out of parameters below: (I find them somehow intriguing)

PARAMETER                                NORMAL RANGE
RA = 2. 8cm                                  2.9-4.5cm
LVESV = 18                                  19-49ml
SV Bi-plane = 50                            >65 ml
CI = 4.6                                         2.5L/min
LVET = 202                                    265-325m sec
RVOT = 1.5                                    2.5-2.9 cm
IVC diameter = 0.95                        1.5-2.5cm

The rest of my parameters are on a normal range except from the above. Can you help me interpret them?

Thank You.

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The trivial will not really turn to moderate or severe in such a short amount of time, unless you had a very acute viral infection of some kind which blood tests would have given clues about.
Trivial is really nothing, it's what a huge portion of the population have, with no side effects. What did the rest of the echo results state? anything? was it a normal echo or a stress echo?
Perhaps a stress test would be a good decision by your cardiologist to rule out ischemia.
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