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Trivial mitral regulation

I have already written that i have mitral trivial regulation but without mitral valve prolapse.i have read that mvp has very rare cases of sudden cardiac arrest what about mitral valve regulation does it have any risk even a little one?
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Trivial mitral valve regurgitation does not cause cardiac arrest.
In fact trivial regurgitation is hardly worth mentioning.
The leakage is then so small that it has no effect whatsoever on the function of the heart.
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Thanks for answer i have just read that people got cardiac arrest who had valve prolapse with trivial regulation is it mvp which causes cardiac arrest?
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Well, that would be indirect. Prolapse can result in severe regurgitation.

Some studies seem to show that this regurgitation can cause arrhythmia's and in very rare cases can lead to cardiac arrest.
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Wow thanks so with trivial mitral regulation its imposssible? Sorry just my health anxiety and heart palipations are scaring me +dizzines
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Chances for cardiac arrest are never zero. Not even for the healthiest person. But the chances are sooooo small that there is absolutely no reason to think about the possibility.
With trivial mitral regurgitation, the chances are also much too small to let the possibility of cardiac arrest in any way influence you life.
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Yeah i know i studied scd for 2 years as i want to become doctor and i know that it can affect everyone even electrolyte imbalance can cause it just i wanted to know does trivial increase chance of it? Or im in the same risk as a person without it
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Every situation that is less than the ideal situation of course increases the chances of failures.

So technically, a minimal leakage increases the chances of future heart problems and thus also of cardiac arrest.
But practically the risk increase is not measurable and therefore it doesn't make sense to keep your mind on it.
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Ok thanks for anwser i was just confused why i have it while my doc told me that in my age one of contributing factor is inactivity
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