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Trying to reduce my blood pressure on Losartan

Hello, I African American male in my 40's that have been dealing with my blood pressure running 140/ 90 for a while my doctor put me on Losartan HCTZ 50- 12.5 and my pressure.  After my 6 months check up my pressure was still the same so he increased my Losartan to 100-12.5 and a few weeks after I would get readings of 130 /80 sometimes and others I would get 129/78. But some days I am not sure if this is a side effect of the losartan but I would feel a bit dizzy and I not sure what's going on and I been dealing with ED so the week before Thanksgiving I got frustrated and stop taking the meds.  The dizziness seemed to go away and the first few days after stop taking the meds the dizziness didn't go away so I took some allergy meds and that seemed to do the trick so now I am left with the ED. My questions do I risk any health problems or any issue by stop taking the meds and picking back up? and does Losartan_HCTZ 50 or 100 -12.5 effect men with ED? Tonight I just took my pressure and it is 146/91 I think I should start back on the Losartan.... any suggestions ???
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Well at 146/91 you should certainly be on some meds. Lorsartan is an ARB class of blood pressure med and these are not likely to cause ED and in fact can improve sexual function.

It's not uncommon to have dizziness, you may want to as your doctor to try another. I prefer Angiotensin II antagonist drugs such as Olmesartan. They have a completely different mechanism and usually have fewer side effects. Don;t give up, your doctor can find one that works well for you with minimal side effects. Good luck, JON
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