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Undiagnosed chest pain

I have undiagnosed chest pain for two years now. It was started for a flicking on my upper left chest until got a panic attacked. From there my chest pain persist. I have thought of having a heart problem so I did many test like ECG, 2D echo, Streest test and all are normal I even take medication like clopidogrel and concor but doesnt ease the symptoms. Also, given of pain reliever, muscle relaxant and xanax if i am attacked by my anxiety over the pain.  

Through the same time, i also experiencing some fatique and dizzeness and got hospitalized with anaemia. Got recovered but didn't also diagnosed the problem until last January of this year 2020 i was diagnosed of small intestine tumor and removed which causing my anamia.

I dont have any problem through my series of testing like endoscopy, colonoscopy, citi scan and MRI. I am hopeful that upon my post surgey my chest pain will also going away but its not and sometimes felt a little bit worse after taking chemoteraphy pills. I discussed to my oncology about the chest pain and again I took many test like ecg (many times already), 2d echo(2x), xray for possible lung problem and full scan from upper chest to pelvic which came back also normal. I was referred also to a cardio and give new medication for the heart like isosorbide dinitrate for 2 mos. now and it seems no effect at all.

Just last month i called emergency 3 times but didnt see any problem, It is very stressful having an obvious pain but didnt get diagnosis. Almost different type of pain i experiencing. I did not much care about some flicking, stabbing and sharp pain on my left chest area since it always comes at any moment and nothing hapoens to me since then, but whats bothering me are the feeling of heaviness, tightness and feeling of blocked my airways which gives an uncomfortable feeling on the center part of my chest.

Theres no any particular activities or position when the pain will be there at maybe 2 to 3 days  then i  get relief for like 1 week time even I knew that it always be there showing only mild symptoms and tolerable. I became less active whenever the pain is preseñt but still can mobilise my body. As of now, I am taking an antacid which another doctor given me for possible symptoms of acid reflux only gives me a little help but not totally relieve the pain.

I am 45 yrs old with mild hepertension, and pre diabetic. I am very frustrated already on my health issues and without clear diagnosis. That is why I am seeking any help to any ptofessional here. Thank you and god bless.
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The chest pain can sometimes be a symptom of a heart problem. There are many possible causes of chest pain like muscle strain, injured ribs, collapsed lung, hiatal hernia, etc. Chest pain doesn't always signal a heart attack but we should have to treat it by the doctor.
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Yes, important to ALWAYS rule out a cardiac reason first.  Agree.
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Some chest pains are very hard to deal with. I had chest pains for months and I saw my primary doctor who sent me out for tests and every single test always came back great. Until one time I could not sleep.and I had to go to er. They tried all tests and the er doctor asked me to go back home and follow-up with my Doctor. I was in pain and asked the doctor to let me die at the hospital rather than at home alone. Hours later, she came back and said that she was sending me to the last test which was MRI. The results came out as chronic pericarditis. My advise, X-ray might not show your problem..ask to do MRI of the heart etc then they will catch something. Good luck.
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Hi, thank you for your response. I did Nuclear Heart Scan Just last of September and it came normal result. Doctor told me that I dont have problem with my heart at all.  After a couple of weeks they did Pet Scan to me in relation to my removed tumor and possible other complications, again came back normal. So, tried now to convince myself and went to another consultation to focus other things like acidity and anxiety took the medications but really  the pain doesnt go away, sometimes it gets slow down but always coming back. How long you experiencing your chest pain before it get diagnosed? Are you ok now?
Well, the good news is you are getting checked out by your doctors Chardcastle.  I do recommend you start your own thread so everyone can focus on you specifically as posts can get lost on older threads.  I understand where you are coming from.  My husband is in the same boat.  He's had full cardiac work ups but has chest pains.  They diagnosed him with anxiety and he has been taking Zoloft which has helped. One thing to consider is what is in this article . . . https://my.clevelandclinic.org/health/diseases/15851-gerd-non-cardiac-chest-pain  Issues with the esophagus can often be the culprit in non cardiac related chest pain.  It's hard to believe it isn't your heart though, isn't it?  I understand that!  ***  I see that you have considered anxiety and reflux.  How long have you been taking medication for these?  I had terrible reflux and found the ultimate fix was losing 10 pounds.  Are you overweight?  
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Have you ever considered trying to treat the anxiety itself?  Perhaps that is involved with this chest tightening since you've ruled out cardiac issues?
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