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Unexplainable heart ache

hello my name is sean patrick floro 117 pounds and 163cm in height. ive been troubled by these heart ache or chest pain so to speak. it begun about last week and gets worse every day. i already read few articles regarding these matter but . i think mine is a lot different i have no trouble breathing, no pain in other parts just the heart or chest . i havent consulted any doctors about these but i thought of consulting one as soon as possible, because it just got worse now every time i try to get a sleep, the pain got a little more intense. before it begun, im just living through normal days nothing weird in particular. first i thought i was just stressed or something because every time i thought of something terrible like what if an earthquake occur at these very moment and then my heart will suddenly beats hard and able to hear it but it only last for a couple of minutes. but mine now is just unstoppable 24/7.

my family has a history about heart attack and diabetes. all im concerned about is why now all of a sudden at a young age . please help me i dont know what to do .:(
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I'm sorry that you are not feeling well.  I think that your inclinication to be seen by a doctor is correct.  Your symptoms are worrisome, especially given your family history.  Reviewing articles on the internet is no substitution for a consultation with a skilled physician.  Good luck to you.
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