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Unusual heartbeat

  I am a 30 year old female.  About 3 weeks ago I began to experience an
  irregular heartbeat.  It is odd because it starts at about 9:00 to 10:00pm
  every night and seems to continue throughout the night while I sleep
  (if I wake up during the night it is still occuring, as well as when I get
  up in the morning - around 6:00am).  It will continue on in the morning
  for about another hour then slowly go away, and repeat the cycle
  again in the evening.  
  The beat is irregular in that it will hesitate for a moment, then have an
  extra forceful beat after the hesitation, this seems to occur about every
  third or fourth beat.  I also have some other symptoms: dry eyes, dry
  mouth, shortness of breath, exhaustion, which may possibly be related?
  Weight isn't a factor as I may be slightly underweight if anything.  Also
  occasionally my b.p. has been borderline high (130/90), but when I saw my
  physician about a month ago it was normal (120/80).
  Any help would be much appreciated.  thanks
Dear Marta:
It sounds like you have PVCs [premature ventricular contractions].  I cannot say for sure, but an EKG would help make the diagnosis.  In addition, a Holter monitor would help; this is a device that cardiologists use to monitor a patient
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