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Upper Left Back Pain...Cardiac Related?

I've always dismissed this nagging back pain as just that....nagging back pain.  But lately it's getting worse and since I already have frequent angina I'm wondering if this back pain is cardiac related.  It's located directly below my left shoulder blade...nothing helps it.  The past couple of days I've had an extreme increase in ringing in my ears as well.

I've heard nothing back from the VA about the Holter monitor test I did last week.  I don't know...just not feeling "right".  Ya know??
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I've experienced the same problem. Back pain, sometimes severe, between my shoulder blades. I fear a Posterior MI. I informed my Doctor and he wasn't too concerned about other than a few questions that pertain if I had coughed up blood or had regurgitation with blood in it.
He asked a few other questions trying to discern if it was an Aorta Aneurysm.

All my replies were negative. I had noticed that when I had those pains and I took a Nitro, the pains went away. That really alarmed me until I discovered that Lung infection will do the same thing and I had pneumonia at the time. Nitro also opens up the airway and blood vessels in the lungs as well.

I'm still not convinced it's my lungs however. I had stop taking my Vitamin E and with-in a few days, the pain slowly returned but only very mildly. Once I returned to my Vitamin E program, the pain left again. I feel that something may be going on with-in the posterior region of my heart.

We shall see. I go in Wednesday for my Hearth Cath and there I will find out if any Coronary Arteries are partially blocked or not on the Posterior side of my heart. That will give me the answer I am looking for.  

I mean this pain isn't put down by Tylenol, Excedrin or Aspirin. No over the counter pain relief helps. Only my special Vitamin E solved that problem!

I'll let you know Thursday the results.
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Good luck!
Same here, no OTC pain meds touch this pain...nitro does help.
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Well I'm back and survived! However, back pain is still there without the Vitamin E. I was told that I have the beginnings of renal failure. (just great) I didn't have this problem before Med increase in dosage but now I'm having this problem.

So I am making an appointment to see a renal specialist.
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It's been a while! Well I thought you may want to know what was killing me with pain in my back.....


Unbelievable! At least I don't have kidney disease which is a BIG relief! I was beginning to feel like an automobile, having to go into the shop every week to have something fixed!

I used two tablespoons of Olive Oil into a small cup along with two tablespoons of Organic Apple Cider (with mother - braggs product) and one fresh squeezed lemon juice. Mix all of this into a warm cup of water. Not too much. Just enough to create a "shot". (creating a drink would make this a grueling experience, taste wise that is)

Take before bedtime. In a day or two you may see a few white globs coming out. That  would be stones. (soften)

As usual, clear this with your Doctor. Read him the ingredients as well as the amount of fluid you're gonna to take, especially if you're on fluid restriction or taking a water pill. (diuretic)

Take this solution for no more than 3 days. If nothing comes out, then go see the Doc. You may have stones that turned into concrete building blocks inwhich the Medical Community has some great stuff to get rid of those Condo's in our kidneys.

Hope this helps!
P.S. I feel great and pain free! No more up to the eyeballs Vitamin E mega dose!
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