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Upper center/left Chest Pain disappears while asleep but lingers as soon as I wake up?

History: 32 yr old hispanic male
Cholesterol 200, HDL 38, LDL 143
Non smoker, no drugs, only nexium 40mg 1xday
Work: IT support
Surgeries: Only 1 bronchoscopy a year ago: mild atelectasis, LPR (laryngopharyngeal reflux), aspiration. Successfully treated with Nexium 40mg/1x day
Post Bronch: Developed slight hypoxia for 2 weeks which played role in developing 1st chest pain event(s) (2) a year ago. Resolved on its own as verified by arterial blood gas and bicycle arterial gas test. Echocardiogram normal at the time.

Then to Present: Had been perfect, gerd/LPR under controlled, hiked, walked, danced, lifted things just fine.

Two weeks ago: Had not taken nexium for 2 weeks due to monetary reasons. Resumed 2 days before event. Also had 3 or 4 fast food meals the week of the event whereas I can go on 2-3 months without having fast food and just white lean steamed meats w/veggies at home.

Last Friday: Developed a non radiating upper center/left chest pain after walking for 10 mins followed by anxiety. Chest pain resolved within an hour but came back (slightly) later that evening.

Last Sat noon: Woke up without chest pain but immediately returned and lingered upon waking up. Ignored pain and decided to mastrbte (to test myself) but it was a bad idea as chest pain intensified and could not complete the job. Went to local ER and found no enzyme troponin production, ekg normal, pulse accelerated (+110), no sweating, no labored breathing ever, no swelling, no sweating, just the pain w/less anxiety as compared to the day before. Hemoglobin at 16/45, xray normal, oxymetry test stable at 94-96.

Sunday/Monday: Chest pain reappeared in the mornings and lingered on/off during the day. Naps helped chest discomfort dissappear. Worked from home on Monday (4-5 hrs) and did ok for most of the time until the end when the discomfort was too great.

Tuesday morn: 1st day that woke up without pain. Went to local lung center for follow up.


D-Dimer: normal (or so I was told)
Blood Gas: normal
Oxymetry walking test: 95 percent oxygen stable
xray: normal
CBC: normal

Pulmonologist is baffled and more concerned on following up on a nuclear cardio stress test because of the lack of labored/troubled breathing/SOB and wants to do the stress test just to rule heart out. Any opinions welcome.
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Average blood pressure: 117-128/67-79
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