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VSD in early adulthood?

Hi everyone, so in the past few months I noticed I was having problems breathing, nothing too big, mainly just shortness of breath. I thought it had to deal with my lungs, since earlier this year I did have bronchitis (to be noted, I don't smoke or drink). However when I went to the hospital and they did an x-ray they couldn't find anything wrong. So they did an EKG and found a slight abnormality with my heart beat (I think, something like that).

They sent me over to a cardiologist and he said that there were most likely two things wrong: either one (the most likely of the two he said) was that I had a hole in my heart, or two a vein (or something) was out of place, but said if that was the case I'd have much more severe symptoms than just shortness of breath. So a couple weeks after that (that being about a month ago from today), I went back and had some tests. They did an ultrasound and a bubble test, also did a CAT scan with iodine.

I was supposed to go back the 28th, but they said that since my heart rate was so high the pictures didn't come out well enough for them to locate it, but they did come out well enough to see that everything else around my heart was fine, and it is most likely just a hole. They've set up another appointment next month to put a camera or whatever down my throat to see where the hole is located.

Sorry for the long read, now, I do have some questions, which I will ask my cardiologist as well, but just wanted to see if I could get a quick answer somewhere before the 10th.

Questions are:
1. I read online, and the doctor who was doing the ultrasound / bubble test on me said that holes in the heart usually are there from birth, and usually either close by themselves, or cause problems within the babies first few months of living. What does it mean if the complications (just shortness of breath, some minor pain in chest) are happening now (I'm 18)?

2. The cardiologist said that I'd have to have a procedure that involves opening of the groin, etc. Which I've researched to be cardiac catheterization. What is that like in terms of pain, if anyone knows? I also read that there are some risks, but they are rare and that the procedure is generally safe.

3. I read that they put metal mixed with some type of mesh to plug the hole, I don't know when the article I was reading that in was published, but do they still put the metal in there? Or is there something else they can put in there that won't cause complications at an airport?

4. Probably the most important question, since I'm a huge roller coaster enthusiast. If I have the surgery and the VSD is fixed, will I still be able to ride roller coasters (of any height/length of course)? Going back to the mesh, would it be bad and not recommended if I rode intense (I'm talking very intense; high or high negative forces for short, or even long periods of time, long being 3 or so seconds, sharp turns, etc)?

Thanks for the time!
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