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Value of Carotid Ultrasound

I was wondering what your opinions were as to the value of having a carotid ultrasound done in light of the following risk factors:

1) Baseline LP(a) 102 mg/dl
2) Baseline LDL 133
3 Ultrafast CT Heart score < 10.0
4) Echocardiogram WNL, but "Aortic valve calcification with sclerosis"
5) Family history of early death (56 years) from MI

LifeLine screening sent me an invitation to have this done for $60. Would having this done add anything to the clinical picture of my current risk status?
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It depends on the results obviously. If the carotid arteries are clear or have very little disease, then no. If the arteries are significantly diseased, then yes, you would be adding a higher risk for stroke to the list. Obviously they supply the brain and face, so any plaque ruptures will almost certainly end up in the brain, blocking vessels.
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