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Valves-Mitral, Aortic, Tricuspid

Hi.My echo shows moderate mitral and aortic valve regurgitation and an abnormal mosaic pattern over the mitral, tricuspid and aortic areas during the color flow Doppler exam.  Also shows mild tricuspid regurgitation and Advanced Diastolic Dysfunction.  I have painful chest pains during the night that wake me up and pounding chest during the day when I do housework.  I also have fibromylagia.  Dr said to wait another year and gave me bp pills. I am concerned that more should be done. Help, please.
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All my valves leak a little, and for most of them, this is considered insignificant.  However, I do have mild-to-moderate aortic regurgitation of the aortic valve for years, and know that it can be stable--though I get re-tested every two years just to keep an eye on things.

It sounds as though you are in the same boat in the valve department, and that there's not much to worry about there.

However, it does sound as though you need explanation of your diastolic dysfunction, if it is indeed 'advanced.'  Same goes for your chest pains and your sensation of a pounding heart (though I'm sure you know that anxiety can cause these symptoms, too).  

I think these are matters that you have to discuss and get clarified to your satisfaction in an appointment with your heart doctor (except for the fibro, which is a rheumatologist's business).  After all, he's got your studies in hand.  We here do not.

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